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can any one help with these results

my elderly brother in law has these results and this b 12 is considered adequate and i dont agree.

b12 168ng/L (120-900)

haemogobulin below range 128g/L (130-180

platelet count 42p below range 148-10*9/L (150-400)

red blood cell 426 below range 3.88-10*12L ( 4.5-6.5)

mean cell volume 42a above range 100.3fl (80-100)

serum urea level Above range 10.7mmol/2.5-7.8

gfr 45ml ( 60- 250)

mean cell haemoglobulin above range 33.1 ( 27.0-32.0)

serum alk phosphatase 186 130.0 - 130.0)


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i dont know he is 88 so will accept what she ( doctor) says, th eb12 is low isnt? low b12 on elderly will help to get dementia


one of the effects of B12 deficiency is brain legions which lead to dementia like systems - these will affect anyone who is left with a B12 deficiency untreated for a long period of time.

At 88 it's highly likely that your brother-in-law's stomach acidity is getting low and he will have developed a B12 deficiency, even if no other causes are present.

As Hidden says - he has macrocytosis which is a classic symptom of B12 deficiency - both mch and mcv are raised - but is also a symptom of folate deficiency and I can't see folate listed in the results above.

His serum urea is high which may imply renal problems as well - ditto for the gfr


how do you know that he has macrocytosis then? sounds awful what is it?,why hasnt the bloody doctor done anythig- there wa sno folate or ferritin listed on the results page--


The statement "mean cell volume ... above range" means macrocytosis. That is, the red blood cells are bigger than usual. Often regarded as a typical result of inadequate B12 and/or folate.

(The opposite is microcytosis. Red blood cells smaller than usual.)


oh thanks Helvella so much.


what does mean cell haemoglobulin mean above 33.1( 27- 32.0) each time i google it shows as 'mean corp'- haemo' i cant remember the word now but it doesnt show as mean CELL haemoglobulin , and if it is too many bloodcells that is contradictory isnt it- or have i got that wrong- i am tired so may be confused.com


"Corpuscle" and "cell" are the same thing when talking about blood.

Mean corpuscular haemoglobin (MCH) is a calculation of the amount of oxygen-carrying haemoglobin inside your RBCs. Since macrocytic RBCs are larger than either normal or microcytic RBCs, they would also tend to have higher MCH values.



so Helvella these results say he is anaemic and b12 deficient right?


I'd be concerned about the GFR result (Glomerular Filtration Rate - a measure of kidney function).

Was there a RDW result (red cell distribution width)?

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idontknow Helvella but it does say stage3 kidney on there, iam stage 3 and mysister is stage 3 apparently that is the'norm' these days !!!!!


It is not my norm!

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A low eGFR is only a cause for concern if there are other indicators of kidney disease.

At least that's what my doc told me a fortnight ago.

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the results show he has macrocytic anaemia. This is a symptom of B12 deficiency but it is also a symptom of folate deficiency... and possible it may be a symptom of other problems but I'm not aware of them.

macrocytic anaemia, particularly if folate levels are good, would point to B12 deficiency, but on its own it doesn't 'prove' B12 deficiency.




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