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B12 Sublingual / nasal sprays vs b12 injections


Hi I have done a lot of reading and see some people are saying that the b12 nasal spray and lozenges are as effective as the injections? Does anyone know if this is true? I am having injections every other day at the moment until my symptoms go away....but through research I am aware this will probably be a life long injection. So if for example the spray/lozenges etc was as effective I could substitute and injection very now and then to save my the pain.

I have to say though I have tried the under the tongue b12 drops and frankly they make no difference in my eyes. Just interested to see what other have to say? Thanks for replies in advance ☺

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I found that sprays, patches and lozenges did absolutely nothing for me.

Injections every other day should be until there is no further improvement in symptoms, not until they go away totally. Some symptoms may be caused by permanent damage to nerves that will never be fixed totally. Some symptoms may not be caused by a lack of B12. If I'd waited until my neuropathy went away I'd still be doing three injections a week, because my neuropathy has nothing to do with B12.

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Yea I heard that as well, but I was doing injections every other day as you say until improvement for about 3 weeks, then I stopped for a week. I went down hill completely, I had no energy, nauseous...burning feet again. So it's very hard to tell when to stop or if it is something else causing he symptoms. Thanks for the reply ☺

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What you're doing sounds right for injection frequency - as often as is needed to keep symptoms at bay, and no more.

Hi, I am at the same point as you. I have been injecting every other day for three weeks and on to my fourth. I tried to stop and just do once a week and totally started to decline so I picked it up again. So tired of needles already. But I dont want to stop with my neurological symptoms still around. What are your? I have neuropathy in hands and feet that have improved greatly. But I still have some internal tremors and shakes. My eyes wven have a hard time focusing some times. As far as I have read injecting isn’t going to hurt you. So I feel like its better to keep injecting longer than too short. But its hard to know what is right. I am shooting to feel better and start exercising like some people. Some can even run again. I would love that! I figure its better to wait and see if a month of every other day helps. Hope things improve for you. Let me know if you figure out the right moment to stop with confidence its the right time.

Oh you sound so similar to me...that's comforting. Well I had loaaads of symptoms to begin with but now it's headaches, burning feet....I keep waking up with pins and needles in my right arm. ..slight lightheaded...(fatigue and depression if I stop injections but if I keep them up every other day then not so much) 😃 ... i also twitch randomly. Whats weird is the burning feet and pins in needles worsened after the injections, but i was told this could be the body repairing itself with the b12 injection? I hope this is true. I was very much active before .... working 60 hours a week and swimming etc so I really hope to get to that point again. I'll probably not work 60 hours as at the moment I struggle to work 20 so if I could get to a point of working 40 hours and exercising I would be over the moon. Well from reading and research I doubt I will ever stop the injections all together as this is life long .... but I hope in the future I can spread them out a bit because I hate he injections, but same as you if it leads to a decline in my health is would rather have a minute of pain than days of feeling rough. I am planning on doing the injections every other day for about 4 months because it takes 4 months for red blood cells to regenerate and mine were enlarged the last time I was tested. I will keep you updated in my progress though? Do let me know how you get on.... does your hair fall out by the way? This is a big problem of mine and also my skin has got quite rough and spotty which I never had before

Thanks for you reply ☺☺

We do sound similar. I hope you feel better soon. Four months is probably a good plan. It definitely wont hurt. I still twitch and find myself with a slight bobble head movement. I feel like I am vibrating internally. When I close my eyes I can still sense I am moving. And words dance when I look at a page. I also have muscle weakness in my legs. I am sure most of this is neurological damage so I am staying on the every other day doses until thats gone. Read some people even do every day doses. But that’s really expensive. Trying to be thankful for what I no longer have but the symptoms are so unnerving sometimes its hard to stay positive everyday. My hair does seem brittle now and I developed weird hyper pigmentation around my knees before I started my injections. Who knows how much of our whole body has been affected by this deficiency. Best wishes!


with fbirder on the injections - listen to your body and what symptoms are telling you and that will determine the frequency that is right for you.

how effective sublinguals/oral and nasal sprays are varies from person to person - as do most things B12 - nasal spray works very well for me at maintaining my B12 levels where they need to be - if you add it up you end up taking a lot more but I can be topping up several times a day and its a lot easier than carrying phials needles and a sharps box around with me :)

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Yes that's what I have heard, listen to your body....I find I need it very regularly or else I just can't move from the sofa or function normally. I think I might try the nasal spray.... sure it can't hurt to try. I want to travel next year and carrying needles as you say will be a pain. So I'll give it a go and see does it help maintain my levels between injections. Thanks for your reply ☺

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