A female Dr No

A female Dr No

For Chancery and all the other poor - - -'s who have horrors for GP's. All my Dr No's have been male but we must not forget the female variety "deadlier than the male."

I made this last night after reading your post, but the picture would not post then? Weird. You are welcome to print it and get the darts out !

Dr No is in disguise - she has changed her clothes, lost her pocket labels and smiling like a crocodile.

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  • And yet another new character emerges from out of the gloom: The Biochemist ! This could as easily be male as female, or perhaps, since we never actually get to see one (a bit like The banker on Deal or No Deal), more of a creature ? Up to you, beginner1 . Bang on form, by the way.

  • Perhaps she should be called "Doctor Ono" beginner1

  • Surely any mentioned of "female" and "Dr No" means Ursula Andress?

  • The scary thing about this is it actually looks like the doctor in question. Put her in a flowery skirt and give her an 'I'm your friend' smile rather than a scowl and it's eerie. I joked elsewhere that perhaps 'they' were cloning these doctors at a secret facility, but after seeing this apparition out of the hive mind maybe it's not a joke!

  • A flowered skirt and a smile she will have, like Dolores Umbridge in one of the Harry Potter films. It is going to be a long night watching the election results so I will try and get it done.

    It is done.

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