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Can Folic Acid Deficiency Really Make You Feel This Bad

Hi I'm new here and just wanted to give a brief background. I had my son 9 months ago and since then have been feeling very up and down physically and mentally. I'm still exclusively breastfeeding him. I've had panic and anxiety attacks, anxiety has been horrendous, to the point I've thought I'm going crazy. I've had awful heart palpitations that come and go, but have been told it's due to the anxiety and that there isn't a problem. I've been off balance, irritable, and generally depressed, and brain fog and light headed. I was tested for numerous different things as i was convinced it was my thyroid out of whack since giving birth. Everything came back okay except for Folic Acid levels. They were low at 3.0. But b12 was high, possibly due to supplements I'd started taking a few days before.

Could it really be something as simple as a Folic Acid deficiency that has been the reason behind all of these symptoms? I am really shocked. Has anyone noticed a difference in symptoms since taking Folic Acid? Especially heart palpitations.


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I doubt that all of them are due to a folic acid deficiency, but some of them may be.

Follow your GP's advice and take the folic acid supplements and see how things go.

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If your folic acid is low your body can't use b12, so its important that you raise the folic acid lewel.

And a lack of it can very well explaine your depression

Hope you feel better soon

/ Caroline

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Just wondering if you had gas and air during labour? As you have said that you have felt unwell since then. Gas and air known as NO can make an impact on your B12 levels, I'm not quite sure of the chemical reaction but I do know it binds with the B12 making it useless. Also did you not take folic acid whilst pregnant? I thought all doctors prescribed it during pregnancy. Not sure how long and much B12 you have supplemented with but it could have had an impact on your bloods.

I had both B12 and folic acid deficiency and felt awful, yes palpitations, poor memory, feeling off balance etc. It is quite alarming just how bad you can feel. I'm not really sure if it was the B12 or folic acid or both that made me feel so rotten (think symptoms overlap anyway) Also maybe get vitamin D checked if you haven't already. Take the folic acid and see if your symptoms get better.

Take care, having a baby and feeling unwell must be difficult so give the folic acid a try and maybe increase your intake of green vegetables rich in folate.

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

I did have gas and air during labour yes, but I have felt on and off since. Sometimes absolutely fine, but generally not. Not sure if it's connected. I have started taking vitamin D because I assumed I was low anyway. I was never good at keeping up with prenatals after the first trimester and haven't been since giving birth. It's never been as consistent as necessary. A mistake I'll never make again. Lack of education has made me underestimate their importance.

My baby is 9 months and he's the youngest of 4 children. My oldest is 5, so I know I've put my body through a lot lately. I'm trying to de stress and relax but it's not that simple. The palpitations are the most unnerving symptom because it immediately makes me panic.

Hopefully the folic acid will help out and at least alleviate some of the symptoms. It's trial and error with our bodies I suppose so if it's not that I'll have to investigate a bit more.

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