I had a cataract op Jan 2016. All very good, but followed by bad double vision. A CT scan, the eye people sent me for, discovered the sinus problem. The 2 ops on the sinus did not cure the double vision.

This year at the end of Feb. - after chasing up the eye dept. I was tested again and told by them they would try and get it done quickly. I wait & wait - hear nothing. At the end of April I phone the consultant's secretary (after endless hours of phoning) My paper work is not there, it is in Gloucester with the sinus consultant, and then it will go to the spine man, (why isn't it on a computer in this day and age !) but she will sort it when she gets the paper work back and phone me. I wait & wait - nothing. I phone her again, "I don't remember you," she says "but I will look into it." You've guessed it - I wait & wait. I phoned again today - She is not there.

She is on . . . . . . HOLIDAY. So I wait & wait.

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  • It must be a "sinus" of the times beginner1 :(

  • Sounds more like someone has taken their 'eye' off the ball Clive!!

    You learn something every day, I had no idea that sinus problems could give you double vision. I had a cataract operation 4 years ago to correct double vision - all has been fine so far. My mother had the same op many many years ago and she developed scar tissue, which they corrected with laser treatment - 30% of people who have the op apparently develop scar tissue.

    I hope you hear something soon and she hasn't lost her memory again in the meantime.

    Good luck

  • My consultant said that maybe the sinus mucocele, which is in the left sinus (and causes bone erosion) has also damaged the eye muscle causing the double vision. But the cataract is also bad.

  • I see Mabel's been "on the web" again beginner1 :)

  • The puns get worse and worse.!

  • clivealive Hi - I think I will have to do a 'Mabel digs in her heels' or shall end up being 'Mabel waits for the NHS' - although the spiders and cobwebs have already moved in.

    At the moment it's cartoons or standing in the town centre and screaming that the NHS here is . . .

    I was chatting to a friend on the phone who lives in a different county. At her surgery they get blood results the next day, here we don't get them back in two weeks. CT scans are the same, ours take many weeks.

  • I arrived at my surgery on time at nine (as usual) for my B12 injection yesterday morning and normally I don't have time to even sit down having "logged in" at the automated entry station before I'm "called in" on the electronic display. However after ten minutes I went to the reception desk thinking I may as well book my next appointment whilst I'm waiting and just happened to ask if Denise was "in" this morning. "Oh no - she's had to go home as she was sick. The other nurse will see to you". Now (twenty-five minutes late) I got called into the treatment room and the "other nurse" apologised for the delay and said she hadn't been told that Denise had gone home. I'm guessing the receptionist hadn't bothered to tell her until I queried why I was still sat there 30 seconds after arrival.

    On a normal day I'm in and out within four or five minutes but yesterday I was "fretting" because of travelling to the funeral up in Birmingham and time was a bit tight.

    I shouldn't complain really as during the fifty-one years I've been with the practice only on one other occasion was there not a nurse available and my doctor was called upon to give my injection. Ouch! He'd never done one before on a "live patient" :D

    I really do appreciate your drawings beginner1 and am so sorry you have such great difficulties where you are and hope things can only get better.

    Take care now.

  • Funerals are sad. My last funeral was my best friend. She was a retired GP, not part of a practice. She died just before my troubles started - I would have loved to take her with me 'as my friend' and seen their reaction.

    I appreciate your 'horrible' puns too.

  • Hi beginner1 - sad that you and clivealive both have had losses to cope with.

    Do you think Mabel is in part the friend you'd like to take with you ? She's awesome, and seems to bring out the best in Clive, don't you think ?

    I'm a big Mabs fan, and quite partial to a pun or two. What would we do without you both ?

  • Hi Cherylclaire thanks for that.

    I have just spent two hours on the phone trying to sort out appointments ! The ones who couldn't help helpfully gave me phone numbers, but the ones who could have helped were not in until May 30th ! and other was on holiday. SO -

    I have been tidying up my cartoons and going to print them and send them to The Times ! I'm just going to ask clivealive for a snappy title for one of them.

  • At least you are spending all this waiting time productively and creatively, doing something that makes you - and many, many of us - happy. Love what you do, and sure The Times will too !

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