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Low Mean platelet volume

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with test results for mpv.

I've signed up for the online patient info service for my doctors and have now got access to past test results.

My mean platelet volume is under the normal range every time it was tested and is flagged in red but it's never been mentioned to me or looked into further. A quick google search suggests it could be indicative of an autoimmune disease. It hasn't been included in my most recent CBC so I'm not sure if it's still something they test for.

I have also been able to see my past b12 results and can see that after loading doses my b12 was 1500 but they decided to stop my injections after 4 months when my level was 305, that was on monthly injections. So even with 3 further injections after loading doses my level was only 305.

I'm very confused as my most recent level was 500 and that's only with a diet high in b12 & slightly higher than RDA multi vit.

I'm still waiting on my functional b12 test and have been ringing the dr's every few days but the hospital hasn't sent the results through.

I can't help but feel something is going on with my b12 but my dr just wants to prove me wrong & him right. I'm angry that I didn't know enough back when I was having injections to do something about it then!!

Sorry for waffling.


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