Just a thought on B12 and Osteoporosis

Just a thought on B12 and Osteoporosis

I have 2 fractures, T8 which, I’m almost sure, occurred about 2.5 years ago. My back was fine when I got on the train – a very painful back, in just that T8 spot, shortly after I arrived, – no fall, nothing I can think of to cause it. (The second fracture, a Lumbar, no idea when or how it happened.) osteoporosis?

I started vitamin B12 injections about 16 months ago for very low B12. (103 < 180-1000)

A couple of months ago a bone density test showed osteopenia and

Kaarina posted this to me - “ I am surprised you have been dx with osteopenia and not with osteoporosis as you have fractured . . . “

Perhaps the B12 had improved my bones from osteoporosis to osteopenia.

In view of the following article (it is only from 1 example) could there be a connection with low vitamin B12 and low bone density and a possible treatment to improve it. Vitamin B12 is not tested for in the normal blood test perhaps it should be.

Reversal of severe osteoporosis with vitamin B12 and ... - NCBI


PS I also have degeneration of spinal cord diagnosed by consultant a week ago. (Well done NHS GP's another X for your inadequate B12 treatment.

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  • beginner1 the link hasn't come through on your post as a link - this usually happens where you have cut and pasted from another post - you can get round it by actually opening the link in the original post and then copying that into the new post.

  • Hi Gambit62 Sorry about the link, I did put it on from the site, but sometimes it works, sometimes not - I tried it twice. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I will have another try. Success !

  • has now come through okay :)

  • Hi beginner1 could your back have been jolted on the train as often their starts and stops aren't all that smooth?

  • Hi clivealive might have done, or stepped awkwardly from the train. As usual I did nothing about it, just 'grin and bear it'. That is what makes me so mad with my GP's. In 40 years I went to them three times and now I am treated like a hypochondriac or too old to waste meds. on. A stick is cheaper than B12 injections. Rant over but I feel a cartoon coming.

  • I'll look forward to that beginner1 :)

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