You learn something new everyday!

I suffer from anemia and since my last blood work my iron was perfect I decided to stop the iron pills. Well just found out that when a person has anemia you just can't stop taking them even if the results are perfect. My primary care doctor just told me. Now I have to check my iron again to see how low it is and back to the pills. No wonder I was noticing more bruising. DOH! That sure doesn't help this derealization problem

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  • I have no idea. He just said that I can't just stop.

  • Surely it depends on the causes of the anaemia. Have they not had a go at identifying that.

    Do you know what your ferritin levels are? This is where iron is stored. I had iron deficiency anaemia and had to take iron tablets for a long time to get my ferritin levels to 100, even though my haemoglobin count was up to normal for a while.

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