It's not just the UK

The Washington Post carries this story of somebody who had to wait 20 years for a diagnosis and doesn't get treatment often enough...

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  • Ugh, there is an obnoxious commenter on that article who is trying to convince everyone that oral B12 is just as effective as injections. If that were really true, why does the FDA require this wording on labels of any oral drug intended for the treatment of pernicious anemia?: "some patients afflicted with pernicious anemia may not respond to the orally ingested product and that there is no known way to predict which patients will respond or which patients may cease to respond to the orally ingested products."

    [Edit: the portion of the regulation I quoted appears to relate to including intrinsic factor in the oral medication. Still, it is an acknowledgment that oral preparations are not guaranteed to work as well as injections. This is the page if you want to read all of it]

    I have a feeling that commenter learned nothing from the actual article, as the commenter clearly missed the part where the author had been taking B12 supplements which were not working for her at the time she was finally diagnosed.

    I went for a similarly long time before being diagnosed. I have reason to believe that I started showing symptoms in my teens but my deficiency wasn't discovered until my mid-thirties. Not only is it not just a problem in the UK, the US doesn't even track PA cases. It's as if it doesn't exist at all here. It's no wonder our doctors never think to test for it. :/

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