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Low Vit b12 and Ferritin. Possibly PA?

Good afternoon.

Could anyone give me feedback around the following test results please?

I am due to see my gp about them next week.

Serum vit b12 was 148 ng/L range 150_620.

It has been as low as126 in the past and been told this was OK.

Ferritin 14ug/L range 20.00_ 300.00

Foliate 6.3 ug/ L range 3.10_19.90ugL

Serum ALT low at 9uL _ although abnormal on report. Gp says no action

Cholesterol abnormal

% Neutrophils low at 38%

% Lymphocytes high at 52%(this is a normal occurrence)

Doctor says no action.

I have recently gone back to work after 10 month's off sick.

I am still feeling unwell with dizziness and spinning. I also have very low BP and I am on Meds for this via a cardiologist who I paid privately for because I felt I wasn't getting answers to my problems.

I had h pylori and severe gastritis 8 years ago. A test last year was negative for a reappearance of h pylori.

I have had bouts of severe vomiting since then.

I suffer with bad fatigue, tinnitis with mid frequently hearing loss, pins and needles, collapse and hospital admission last year, being awoken from sleep gasping,depression and low mood..

I am wondering if I need to discuss further testing with my gp?

Life style choices wasmentioned by the surgery receptionist!

Could it be PA?

Thank you in advance.

Bernie X

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Yes, you do have a deficiency of B12 and it should be treated with a course of injections.


Many doctors believe that you can't have a B12 deficiency without having PA and that you can't have PA if you don't have large red cells (a high value for MCV). They are wrong on both counts. About 30% of people with a B12 deficiency and neurological symptoms do not have large red cells.

I'll also bet lots of money that your doctor will concentrate on your 'high' cholesterol and tell you that you need to take statins. There's been s lot of debate recently about how harmful high cholesterol really is and if statins actually reduce the number of people who die (less may die from cardiovascular disease, but more die - at a similar age - from other causes). Statins can also have horrible side-effects.

If significant weight loss is feasible suggest that as an alternative. That's what I did. Giving up crisps and chocolate was much less unpleasant than taking statins.


Thank you fbirder for your reply. Yes Cholesterol has been spoken about in the past. I have refused statins so far!

Healthy diet being followed.

I'll wait and see what's discussed next week and ask for a referral maybe to haematology xx


Your story has similar aspects to mine. I had hpylori in 2012 and a low b12 serum then too but it's wasn't acted upon.

Wind forward to October 2016 and a private test comes back as 153 (range 191-663).

I tested negative for PA so they weren't very interested despite my horrible symptoms.

I've supplemented with sublinguals since November and my last b12 serum test done this month was 915ng.

I figure those of us who had hypylori even though it's 'successfully' treat are let down be our doctors because it can change the way we produce stomach acid and they don't monitor us or follow it up until it's way too late.

We can't break down the proteins in animal products and as a consequence can't get the b12 from it.

I guess that's why for us tablets/sublinguals can be absorbed as it's already broken down so can can be bound to the intrinsic factor we still produce due to not having true pernicious anemia.

I believe every person who's been treat for hpylori should have routine testing of b12 for years after their eradication therapy.

I'm pretty convinced I'm laying here in bed at 2pm thanks to that issue and being left with low b12 far too long.

I'd encourage anyone who's had hpylori to push for b12 testing or to get it done privately at least yearly.

Prevention is always better.

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Hi Steap.

Thank you for replying and sorry your feeling so bad. Yes, there is definitely a grey area in respect of testing and results, which doesn't help people who 'fall into said areas'.

I will always push for answers even if I have to pay privately to get them. Not that we should have to do that!

Hope we all get listened to by "the medical professionals" at some point. The patient is always right, right?

I hope you get what you need soon. Youve probably already done so but i would try and see another g.p if you can. We need quality of life. We just need an understanding professional to listen and take the necessary steps to put things right. Sending healingthoughts and hugs.

Take care

Bernie x

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They're giving me a trial of one b12 injection shortly once the Gp gets round to reading the letter from the consultant I saw. He wants me to stop all oral b12 though.........

The consultant sadly though despite my low levels said he thinks "b12 might be a red herring".

I'm reluctant to come off oral b12 because it does make a difference but it doesn't feel like it heals.

I'm not sure what one injection will do but I have to try.

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Have you been on the PAS website?

I'm going to take a couple of print off's in to my gp next week.

I've had low and borderline reading's for b12 since at least 2008, unfortunately told no need for treatment. Which have impacted by life in a big way.

If your having symptoms they need to give you more than one injection!

You can have PA with a negative result I have been told.

I hope you get what you need. Keep strong.


Bernie x


I've seen four different gp's in the practice, taken the printouts and even given them a copy of the book could it be 12.

The only bit of dietary advice I got amazingly was eat more fruit and veg. Despite seeing a low b12 result I put on his desk and having an even lower one on their system from four years earlier.

One said he didn't dare prescribe b12 incase he got struck off.

Another sent me for a brain MRI.

One said I needed a colonoscopy and endoscopy incase I had cancer due to all the weight loss but didn't make the referral then when I went back the next one I saw said I couldn't have the referral.

Another told me I needed to see a neurosurgeon because a spine MRI showed something on my cord then made the referral to an orthopaedic surgeon instead.

I have very little confidence in doctors now an it's doing nothing for my anxiety or more importantly my loving relationship with my wife and children because I can't cope with noise most days so it feels like everyone is shouting.

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I just realised this is someone else's post I'm having a conversation on.

I'm really sorry as I know what it's like to sit waiting for replies to my own concerns.

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😊it's really ok. Each consultant/gp has a view of their own. I think it depends on each day/ visit/consultation.

We need to be firm. Make sure we have someone with us at each medical visit.

Take care

Bernie x


And now I just realised the Bernie I'm talking to wrote it. Lol πŸ˜‚

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😁I get like that too.



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