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Question about folate level and b12 serum

I've been told (I'm new have posted earlier in more detail) my folate is low - went in with symptoms of memory loss sweats heart racing feeling cold all been a bit of a mystery for several years and been put down to anxiety bloods after telling my dr says folate 4.5 and serum b12 334 both on the low side according to dr

Question is daughter is 18 months - I took folic acid religiously through my pregnancy and for two years before that (due to stillbirth then another planned pregnancy)

Could my body be struggling to absorb it... I had a blood transfusion after birth by c sec and took iron for 3 months after it.. 15 months ago

Because my hair was falling out in the bath and my nails were brittle (thought from pregnancy) I have been taking a multivitamin as and when I remember to

Why could/would my levels be low I feel shaky dizzy and headachey every day these levels don't look like i should be that bad do they? Pins and needles in hands and feet

Also now they found a potential cause for my memory problems will they be able to do anything at all? As I've just been given a script of folate for 3 months


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an absorption problem will mean that you aren't able to absorb nutrients from food and/or supplements as well as someone without an absorption problem so may need to supplement with higher doses than others - B12 is particularly affected by absorption problems.

Have you discussed looking at possible absorption problems with your GP - ie PA/Coeliacs/Crohn's ... and have you reviewed for the possibility of any drug interactions that might affect absorption?

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I'm going back in on Monday to see my usual dr - I've had awful symptoms they've told me is anxiety since a still birth 3 yrs ago shivers freezing sweating and clumsy and forgetful that's why I went in so they came back with these results and have not really said much more - I want to know if my brain will recover its scaring me how slow and forgetful I've gotten x

I suddenly started with dioreah in 2007 which after ruling everything out that year was given ibs diagnosis

Everything either goes thru me at speed or constipated me no middle ground

Normally wake in morning and everything goes through me

Thanks for replying just worried I'm already taking what they gave me and have felt this ill for ages - last year when I did thyroid self test from home I also noticed my blood looked more orangey than normal i remember thinking it didn't look or smell like my blood does normaly (this sort of thing is why they think I'm anxious probably 🙈 but I just want to know what's wrong so I can feel better maybe


Have been referred for a brain scan following the gp memory test and have to wait for endocrinologist appointment re thyroid she suspects it could be that


hope you get to the bottom of things

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