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Hi there I am new to this forum after being diagnosed in Oct/16 with hypo. Has anyone tried the B12 Boost oral spray? (BetterYou) 4 sprays recommended daily. States 1200 ug. I am wondering is this per spray would anyone know? I was previously taking Jarrows sublingual B12 5000 and would like oral spray in an equivalent strength. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you xx

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  • Hi!

    Sorry, I must go to work now but for more information on it you could look up my profile by double clicking on my name and see my post, "My Experiences".

  • Hi deniseinmilden

    Thank you for links re b12 very interesting! Xx

  • Ive used the boost for short term relief, but my go to item is the dropper methyl b12 from yogabody online. It doses a 1000 per dropper and you keep it in your mouth as long as you can lol. I have just bought a bottle of solgar(cyan&other bs)from holland &b 2000 dose but not tried it yet. Could only get it online at buy one get one half price, free delivery on £20+ spend. I will try it at half a dropper to see if it has the same effect as my previous brand. Bcomplx subling dropper from holland&b has less b6 and b12 in it and is also cyan based.

    Lots of trial and error involved for most of us trying to find out what works best!

    I even use patches, but people have said that they dont work for them. I use viepatch at 5000dose with added other b vits from amazon. Have tried others with no effect.

  • Hi Lisahelen

    Thanks for your reply.. I will keep experimenting. Thank you for some of your recommendations that's great!!! Xx

  • I use both Jarrow Methylcobalamin 5000 mcg and BetterYou B12 spray. I find the spray has made a big difference to my breathlessness (tablets less so). Spray is more expensive though!

  • Hi seamail57 thanks very much I will try that option. I am quite breathless so hope it will help. Have a good day 😊

  • Good luck, hope it helps !

  • Hi Dreamer12 I've had P.A. for 45 years and "squirt" the spray twice every morning and it has definitely eased some of the symptoms (hot feet, painful hands etc) especially in the run up to the next injection.

    Have you checked your Folate level lately as this helps process the B!2

  • Hi Clivealive

    Hope you are well thanks for your post. Folate had raised quite a bit from 5 to 26 when tested in Jan so that's promising. I take a swanson b complex tablet, to go along with b12 so hope that's enough for folate. Came off omeprazole 40 Mg completely, two months ago, so that should be helping too. Take HCL with pepsin . Just going to buy some b12 5000 to go along with my boost b12 spray. I've been using capasacain cream (hot peppers) to help with arthritis and it's easing them and Epsom salts foot soaks at night. X

  • Hi

    I've been using it for about a week and feel some improvement - esp tingling in fingers.

  • Hi Sharon75

    That's good it's helping you.. do you do 4 squirts a day at same time? Xx

  • I don't have pa but use the spray just as it suggests as a boost. I only use 2 sprays per day. definitely feels good . my husband has diabetes (type 2) and on metformin . his B12 in range but low so I give him spray too. Give it a try, don't see it can harm!

  • Hi Foxglove

    Thanks for your post., I started using it around a week ago and going to buy more jarrows sublingual 5000 tablets to take as well. I have numb hands every morning and painful feet, but also have arthritis in feet and hands so unsure how much of the pain is that or B12. My b12 result was 300 (200-900) last year and after supplementing it was 700 in Jan this year but will prob be skewed with supplementing! Just learning about b12 after a "crash course"in hypothyroidism!!! lol take care xx

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