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B12. 6000 no supps

I just got my results from st Thomas

Serum b12. 6000

Mma. 108

Active b12. 1110

A strange set of results for a vegetarian who's diet meant nutritionally low b12 17 years ago and had 2 top up injections

I am going to have it checked further for auto anti bodies against a binding protein as if this is the case there's no treatment but it rules out tumours /liver/kidney etc

Anyone know anything about this - or had injections which triggered these anti bodies ?

If I had always been like this I would understand , but 19 years ago my b12 was under 100. Maybe the injections ( only 2 so that's long gone) caused an auto immune response . I'm seeing the dr soon so will ask for all b12 since injections to see if it ever dropped down .

If anyone knows anything about this please would you let me know as I'm panicking about more serious illnesses.

Thank you x

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could you post the normal ranges as well - these can vary so helps with defining things.

6000 is an excessively high level - unless this is a typo - and I'd be inclined to think that a level that high in the absence of supplementation - should be investigated.

Think you are talking about TCN2 antibodies testing - not had it done personally - no idea what it would cost or where it could be done.

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Thank you Gambit

Yes - Serum B12 is 6000 in a range 187 - 883! I am a vegetarian and have not taken any supplements for 14 months.

My MMa is 108 in a range 0 -280

Active B12 is 1110 in a range 70-108

The MMA indicates that B12 is getting to tissue level

I had Homocysteine a few months ago and that was 9.3 which is within range, but some posters have scared me saying that it shouldn't be above 6 that it may lead to increased risk of alzhiemers/heart disease

St Thomas have recommended testing auto antibodies against one of the B12 binding proteins( transcobalamin) or it may be an altered expression of the receptor for transcobalamin (scD320) . Neither of these affect the transport and absorption of B12 in to the cells but can result in high B12 concentrations because transcobalalin is slowly removed form circulation.

St Thomas have offered to facilitate tests for this on a European Lab at increased cost to me.

My concern is to where all the B12 came from to start off with if I have a diet naturally low in B12 and also spend 15 years taking PPI (omeprazole) which again reduces absorbtion. ( AND my B12 was below range and I had Schilling test in 1998 where the outcome was diet related deficiency not PA)

I have read all sorts of things about neoplastic tumours, leukemia, kidney disease, liver disease etc.

Lets hope my GP can offer some reassurance tomorrow

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One thing that occurs to me is ... you say that you have not taken supplements for 14 months, the liver can store B12 for up to 6 years. Not sure if it should be "storing" these amounts as excess is excreted in the urine..but just a thought. Best wishes.

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Thank you pug dogs , I tend to think that multi bits I have taken in the past would have topped up my diet rather than added , even compared to people taking supplements currently my levels are very high.

I still have same symptoms of tiredness, aching joints , fear of going down stairs , either tired or hyper, numb patch on foot , chronic hip issues, fast deteriorating eyesight ( but I am 49) . Etc etc etc

If I was symptom free I would probably ignore !!


Hi.. you are probably right, wasn t sure what supplements you had taken. I think that some of the high dosage sublinguals can boost you levels if you can absorb B12 in the normal way. I do hope that your GP can shed some light on this.

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on the homocysteine - people vary a lot and ranges are based on averages. Without details of the posts on 6 being problematic I can't really comment beyond pointing out that there is a huge difference between the possibility that some people with this level may have gone on to have problems and asserting that all people who have results above this level - most studies will be very careful about drawing sweeping conclusions and if it is based on a very small sample outside the ranges then usually recommend investigating if there are other factors involved. However, people do have a tendency to pick up on headline and not understand the 'small print'.

Are you symptomatic of B12 deficiency - sorry but getting mixed messages on that from posts - even if you are there, the symptoms do overlap with a number of other conditions and there may be something else going on. Think it is probably worth looking at the transcobalamin test if you can afford it to put your mind at rest on the high levels as I presume that your GP is going to have run tests on liver and kidney function to rule those out.

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Thanks Gambit - re the GP , I hope so. Last time liver was tested my levels were a little above range, but as I do not drink at all ( don't think GP believed me) I was surprised !

This page has been a wealth of information and support for me, even though it turns out I do not have PA! I am grateful to everyone who has helped. xx


Hi Hedgehob 2893 - I have just sent my bloods back for the same tests - how did they report the results to you? email/post or G.P.? Did you get to the bottom of why your's are so high?

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Hi calrie67

I had mine done at st Thomas and now waiting for them to send them abroad for more tests.

I've shared my concerns verbs with GP as I know have proper b12 results

We looked at my graph of tests from last 20 years and saw my results going up up up since I had 2 boosters for low b12 in 1997. Possibly caused a reaction ? Weirdly o have low b12 symptoms but mma and homocysteine are ok .

What's your story ?


I'm just a usual case in fighting for a diagnosis of low B12! Yours seems very unusual, hope you get to the bottom of it and all turns out good for you :)


Results via post


Hi Hedgehog

Wondering if you found anything out . My B12 is elevated also in spite of being on PPI's for reflux. No supplementing either.




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