Pernicious Anaemia Society - last newsletter

Well, was filing old emails this morning and noticed that the last email from B12d actually had an email attachment which was the newsletter.

Not PAS but know a lot of you also have contact with B12d and have been helped by them so ...

Headlines were:

Dr Chandy and Hugo Minney are working on a book on B12 deficiency - sounds like they are making progress but finding time is difficult.

They are looking for help with fundraising - including grant making - so if anyone has time and skills and wants to get involved then do contact them. The projects they would like to get funded include having enough funds to hold a stock of B12, producing some more symptom diaries, and looking at some sort of AP that would allow people to join the coffee mornings remotely.

They also need funds to support the costs of B12 that they are sending out - methyl costs £64 a box so if you do use them and can afford that or even a bit more to subsidise others who can't afford that, then please do help. Hydroxo is much cheaper at £8 ish a box so use hydroxo if you can. If you want to use methyl then you need to have discussed this with Dr Chandy before making a request.

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oh gosh wouldn't an ap that allowed people to join the coffee mornings remotely be great.


I didn't even notice the attachment. I get monthly emails about the coffee morning, but the way they are laid out means you have to keep scrolling down to find any new additions to the standards bumf.


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