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Blood Work Results hel

My blood work came back and wondering if i can get info on results

I have significant hair loss in clumps, also painful feet that get hot and cold when hot really hot and when cold really cold also go numb and tingle

Neutrohil 9.58 ( 2.50- 11.00)

lymph 4.80 (1.00-3.5)

numbers in brackets are what they should be, and idea would be great.

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also the lkcs count was 16.1 ( 4.00-11.00)


Hi Patricia333.

Neutrophil - okay

Lymphocytes - just above the reference range. Can indicate acute viral infection, certain bacterial infections (whooping cough, TB), chronic inflammatory disorder, acute stress...

Leukocytes (lkcs) - above reference range. Can be raised in bacterial/viral infection, inflammation, allergies, asthma, tissue death (burns/trauma), intense exercise or acute stress...

GP will assess against full medical history.



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