Feeling really unwell/depressed/anxious - B12?


I posted blood results back in summer 2016 after I was tested for B12 deficiency/low iron etc. These were the results from back then:



25-Hydroxyvitamin D2 level - Result: 2.7 nmol/L - Normal range: N/A

25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 level - Result: 51.6 nmol/L - Normal range: N/A

TOTAL 25-HYDROXY VITAMIN D - Result: 54.3 nmol/L - Normal range: N/A

HbA1c levl - IFCC standardised - Result: 30 mmol/mol - Normal range: N/A

Serum folate - Result: 3.5 ug/L - Normal range: 3 - 16ug/L

Serum vitamin B12 - Result: 218 ng/L - Normal range: 150 - 900ng/L

Serum ferritin - Result: 23.5 ug/L - Normal range: 7 - 90ug/L


Serum sodium - Result: 141 mmol/L - Normal range: 133 - 146mmol/L

Serum potassium - Result: 4.1 mmol/L - Normal range: 3.5 - 5.5mmol/L

Serum urea level - Result: 3.8 mmol/L - Normal range: 3.5 - 7.4mmol/L

Serum creatinine - Result: 63 umol/L - Normal range: 45 - 84umol/L

GFR calculated abbreviatd MDRD - Result: 90 mL/min/1.73m^2 > - Normal range: N/A


Not available, Insufficient data to determine AKI Stage


Serum free T4 level - Result: 16.9 pmol/L - Normal range: 9 - 24pmol/L

Serum TSH level - Result: 2 mu/L - Normal range: 0.2 - 5mu/L


Serum bilirubin level - Result: 10 umol/L - Normal range: < 22umol/L

AST serum level - Result: 18 u/L - Normal range: 5 - 45u/L

Plasma ALT level - Result: 12 iu/L - Normal range: 5 - 40iu/L

Serum alkaline phosphatase - Result: 51 u/L - Normal range: 30 - 130u/L

Serum total protein - Result: 68 g/L - Normal range: 60 - 80g/L

Serum albumin - Result: 42 g/L - Normal range: 34 - 48g/L

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate - Result: 2 mm/1stHr - Normal range: < 7mm/1stHr


Total white cell count - Result: 6.8 10*9/L - Normal range: 4 - 1110*9/L

Haemoglobin estimation - Result: 133 g/L - Normal range: 115 - 165g/L

Red blood cell (RBC) count - Result: 4.48 10*12/L - Normal range: 3.8 - 5.510*12/L

Haematocrit - Result: 0.37 Ratio - Normal range: 0.37 - .47Ratio

Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) - Result: 84 fL - Normal range: 80 - 98fL

Mean corpusc. haemoglobin(MCH) - Result: 29.7 pg - Normal range: 27 - 33pg

Mean corpusc. Hb. conc. (MCHC) - Result: 356 g/L - Normal range: 320 - 365g/L

NB: From 23/10/2014 minor reference range changes.

Platelet count - Result: 188 10*9/L - Normal range: 150 - 40010*9/L

Neutrophil count - Result: 3.94 10*9/L - Normal range: 1.8 - 7.510*9/L

Lymphocyte count - Result: 2.33 10*9/L - Normal range: 1 - 410*9/L

Monocyte count - Result: 0.51 10*9/L - Normal range: 0.2 - 110*9/L

Eosinophil count - Result: 0.05 10*9/L - Normal range: 0 - .410*9/L

Basophil count - Result: 0.01 10*9/L - Normal range: 0 - .110*9/L


Anyway, the doctor said these were normal and refused any treatment so I started on supplements and tried to get my levels up myself. Not long after this, I had a lot going on in my life (not necessarily bad stuff but was just very busy) and started neglecting my health... as in I would just ignore my symptoms when they would happen as I either thought 'I'll deal with this later' or 'The doctors won't help so I must be fine'. Really silly way to look at it, I know, but at the time I wasn't as bad as I am now.

Fast forward to Dec 16/Jan 17 and I've never felt so bad as I do now. I went to the doctors again for blood tests and again, they came back normal. However, this time I'm at a different doctors surgery and they don't allow you to view your blood test results online. I went to the surgery to request them as I wasn't able to get an appointment for a couple of weeks and the receptionist said 'why do you want them?'. I said I'd just like to look at the results for B12 and she seemed really frustrated that I'd asked and eventually agreed to print it. Anyway, I didn't look at the sheet until i got home as I didn't expect it to be the wrong thing and it actually turned out she'd printed my liver function test results... completely irrelevant. I feel let down, ignored and lost as I feel like the doctors think I'm a 'worry wart' and are wasting their time.

The list of symptoms I have are exhaustive and affect many different parts of my body, including my mental state. I get physical symptoms such as pins and needles down the left side of my body, prominent blue veins, spider veins, pale blotchy skin etc.. I also have mental slowness and I've become much more forgetful, plus I feel like my balance is off and I feel 'out of it' when walking round shopping malls/supermarket etc.. I feel nauseous everyday and have stomach problems almost every night, plus I get full up more easily and don't fancy food like I used to. However, the worst symptom currently is the overwhelming anxiety/depression/anger issues that I've been experiencing. Just today, I tried to go shopping in town with my boyfriend and I couldn't cope with it for longer than 20 minutes. I felt like everyone was looking at me, I felt like I was bumping into things and struggling to navigate around the people around me. Anyone coming too close to me or creating even the slightest noise around me made me jittery and want to cry. My eyes will water whenever I feel anxious/have to look anyone in the eye and I feel like I can't get my words out properly. Basically, I just feel a complete dysfunctional mess in public and like my body is 'wrong' and isn't functioning properly and I feel like everyone can see it. This causes pent-up anger and tearfulness and always results in me crying in public (as subtly as possible) or being horrible to my boyfriend and mouthing off at him. This isn't how I've always been - I used to be very sociable and comfortable around people but now I dread socialising because I would rather just put it off until I feel 'with it' enough to cope with it.

I'm sorry that this is so long, but I just hope that someone out there can relate to these symptoms and perhaps reassure me that things do get better/that there is a way of getting the doctors to listen and help. I feel at my wits end.

Thank you

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  • Hi there - I can relate -- and hope you feel better and can get the right treatment for you soon. A week ago I tried to go shopping and after 5 minutes was crying and fighting my husband tho I can't really remember why -- I think shopping malls, with flickery, bright lights and people moving randomly, can be really stressful if you are struggling. After just two B12 injections I am a completely different person, in resilience and outlook - feeling 'myself' again. So it IS possible to overcome these awful feelings, it isn't just you -- and it isn't your fault. It may take a while to get a diagnosis, for you maybe it is some other factor than B12, but don't give up.... and don't underestimate how draining and frustrating it is to feel ill and in pain. It is hard to be patient when you are so low. Give yourself a little forgiveness and try again to find a way to get help.

    Very best of luck,

    Mashie x

  • anderson29, I totally get where you are at atm. 20 months ago I was crying in the Dr surgery, then sent to counselling and when my FBT arrived all became clear. I was 60 so it was a late diagnosis but my B12 was 171, from memory. I had all of the above symptoms and then some. I now self inject twice a week and take heaps of supplements. I am well on the way to recovery and have some days where I'm in robust health; the others I just need to take it a bit easier. I still do not deal well with stress, at all.

    I'm sure there will be an administrator along shortly to make comments on your situation.

    I think you need to begin a diary of symptoms - everything that you think is not right with your body. I had worked in a small business over 90 hrs a week so thought burning feet and aching ankles were from overwork. I even had a weird, debilitating rash (only responded to cortisone) which disappeared when eventually I was topped up with B12.

    I think you will need to acquire that copy of your results. Look at the MCV as PA enlarges the red blood cells. I have a test from 2005 which clearly states "Indicates PA" and the Dr has ticked as read. I had no investigation or treatment until a full 10 years later!

    So, get that copy! Can I suggest you take someone with you to the Dr because my husband could be the voice of reason (my untreated PA brain did not think clearly) and besides, two are harder to fob off than one. Would your boyfriend or parent assist? Try for someone who has seen the changes in your symptoms. My Dr tried to suggest I might always have been clumsy - I was closing doors on my feet and face!! My husband was able to disagree with her.

    Don't give up! You need clear test results before you begin supplementing then you can move forward with knowledge and determination. You will have plenty of replies soon to help you through this mess that is B12 deficiency.

    Good luck.

  • I thought I was all alone in the world of this feeling!! I have a twin now...not that that this is a good thing but I feel the same. I started taking B-12 5000 mcg sublingual and also 200mg Korean Red Ginseng Root. I feel better. Although was taking Ginkgo Biloba and felt much better with it than with Ginseng. Too high dose ginseng makes me more nervous as ginkgo made me feel calmer and not as anxious and depressed and even slept better. I will give this ginseng a few more days maybe lower the dose as it is supposed to be so--good for everything. If I don't feel better I'm going back to ginseng. Also Vitd , zinc and Magnesium gluconate are great for anxiety, especially Magnesium and helps with sleep with that hangover feeling. Just over all relaxation. I take half if I get really upset or anxious and other half at night. Really works well for me. The Dr."s don't know your body like you do and we all react different to any medication. I have spent so much wasted money on herbs and now I'm finally getting close to feeling half normal!! Many Prayers for you!! NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!! HUGS!!!! I mean going back to ginkgo! Sorry

  • Hi defo don't give up. I was in this place, and now thanks to this forum am in a better place. They have so much knowledge and can point u in the right direction. I stepped back in to the place briefly this week and without the lovely people here I'd still be there. Break it down and decided what needs looking at and start from the beginning . Good luck 🤗 and defo take boyfriend with u. My husband came and he got the B12 guidelines out my bag and placed them on Drs desk!!!!!!!

    Do it! Feel like your right in going back and it's your health and u deserve to be healthy x

  • Suggest you write to your GP and formally request a copy of blood results.

    Also draw their attention to the BCSH guidelines which highlight the problems with using serum B12 as an absolute guide to B12 deficiency, and also highlight the fact that macrocytosis isn't always present in B12 deficiency.

    Your results above show a tendency to be bottom of range in measures relating to iron - which would lead to microcytosis rather than macrocytosis and could also be the result of an absorption problem.

    Would also suggest that you join the PAS


    as they will be able to provide you with support in the way this forum can't in dealing with your GP

    Under the freedom of information act in the UK you have a right to copies of your blood tests though the surgery can make a small administrative charge but this cannot be punitive under the same legislation - suggest that you point this out to receptionist in future should you have problems obtaining the results.

  • At 23 your serum ferritin is in range, but low. One study found women did not report an increase in energy till it was over 60. Ferritin below this level is also assoc with Restless Leg Syndrome. Take some iron supps to raise your level, personally I would go up to c 80.

  • At 2.0 your TSH is higher than ideal, and it might indicate low FreeT3, which is the active hormone. TSH varies through the day, so a meaningful test needs to be taken first thing and fasting too.

    Read up on Candida too, that, and the associated leaky gut can cause all these symptoms and some more. And it tends to take hold when other things are out of kilter! The keynote symptom is sugar and carb cravings, but is not always present.

    I did a herbal candida cleanse because of raging sugar cravings and two weeks in could say no to sugar for the first time in at least 20 years! From that I gradually reduced my carbohydrate intake and am now eating ketogenically. I feel a different person. No more digestive problems (constipation, wind, burping, gastritis and heartburn), sleep like a log, no more crippling anxiety, not one migraine or headache since I started - the list goes on!

    Its quite a change in thinking, but for me the benefits have been life changing! We just put up with so much, at least in part because our doctors tell us it is normal and/or uncurable. I'm 66 and suddenly I can imagine living to 100!!

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