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Do you need a hotel room for night before B12 conference?

I can't make the B12 Conference and have to cancel my booking at the Premier Inn Birmingham City Centre for the night before Dec. 9th. I know people were looking for nearby rooms so will cancel it at 4pm tomorrow (Saturday) if you want to pick it up.

I am sorry not to be going to the Conference, but my frontal sinus mucocele has blocked up and filled again (only 9 weeks after it was done) and this time I have to go to Birmingham to have it operated on, a larger op. What with medicines that are wiping out my B12, double vision, balance gone again, and a whole load of other etc's, I am having a fun time.

I am having the B12 topped up (privately) more often, so as least the little B12's run around keeping me cheerful. That seems to be the first symptom that comes and goes.

I still haven't heard back from my NHS GP. - 6 months now, he will possibly call me in for the retest !!!! If I wasn't polite I would..... I go to another one in the practice, for all the other things.

Just an update and a little rant.

(4 pm Sat. if you are interested in the room)

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Hi Beginner1. Just to say...what a really nice thing to do 😀. What a disappointment - having to miss the conference.

So sorry that your sinuses have filled up again and that you're feeling so ill. Really hope all goes well with the second operation.

Oh, and, just in case you're not aware...people with B12 deficiency should avoid nitrous oxide (one of the anaesthetic gasses) - it deactivates B12. Just leave a reply if you need more information about this (some people know about this, some don't 😀).

Take care and let us know how your op goes x


Hi Foggy me. I do know about nitrous oxide, thanks to this forum.

Luckily, at the last op. I had an anaesthetist who also knew about it. I expect I will have to bring it up again this time although it should be in my hospital notes.

Thanks for reminding me though.


👍👍 Good luck.

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So sorry you won't be there. Hope the op goes well.


Hi Beginner1, have only just noticed your post. Sorry you won't be able to make the conference :( Has the room been cancelled as I would have been interested? With thanks, W



I cancelled it at 4pm. yesterday (Sat.) so it may still be free if you go there quickly.



Sorry to hear you are unable to get to the conference, Hopefully someone who goes will post about it on HU.

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