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Had my op. yesterday and am now safely home, and feeling fine.

The anaesthetist knew all about nitrous oxide and B12 - said just as well I had pointed it out as it was just the sort of op. it could have been used at, and wrote himself a reminder not to use it on me.

The surgeon was great too and everything went well, causing no problem with my eyes, her last two patients with this had had big problems. She was delighted as I was.

and don't forget my joke clivealive.

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  • glad it all went well and that the anaesthetist was on the ball

    Hope recovery goes well

  • Thanks Gambit62

    Feeling great, just a slight sore throat. Even stopped at M&S on way home and bought a dressed lobster for my dinner (my husband does not like lobster so I won't even have to share. It was such a pre op boost to find the anaesthetist knew about nitrous oxide and B12, no fight as with my GPs.

  • Hi beginner1 so pleased to read of the successful operation and I wish you well for a full and quick recovery.

    I understand that a naked lobster contains 4.5 micrograms of vitamin b12 per 100 grams but I'm not too sure about one wearing an M&S dress :)

  • Thanks clivealive - right up to expectations, I am still laughing.

  • Yeah. Glad all was good.

  • Hi,

    Good to hear that your op went well.

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