Beginner1 More problems – Update

The problem is that the bone between my sinus and eye has eroded. A load of blood tests and CT scan since Friday and an op. in the very near future.

Thank goodness I had sorted out my B12 problems before this, thanks to the private doctor I went to when my NHS ones refused to give me any more inj. after the 5 loading ones. (see previous posts) I could not have coped if it was still deficient.

I know that nitrous oxide (for anaesthetics) wrecks B12 but does anyone know a reference for this. I would like to take a copy to the hospital with me. Thanks.

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  • I know it's in Martyn's book - and that probably has a reference. But I'm just about to finish dinner (Spanish seafood stew) so I may not be able to check for a couple of hours.

    Got 2 minutes -

  • Thanks - I shall read it in a minute. Save some stew for me.

  • You shouldn't really need to take a reference with you - the link between problems with nitrous oxide deactivating B12 is well established - with nitrous oxide abuse being an up and coming cause of B12 related problems. Any competent anaesthetist should be aware of the dangers - so all you should need to do is tell them that you have B12 absorption problems

    however, here are a couple of references

  • Thanks to you too. I will read them all. But although I told them I had B12 D

    I don't think they were taking it in. I see them again tomorrow and will repeat it.

  • There's also a chapter about nitrous oxide and B12 deficiency in Sally Patcholok's book 'Could it Be B12 Deficiency An Epedemic of Misdiagnosises' pp 163 - 176.

    Good luck.

  • Oh great, I still have her book, I will look it up. I have read most of the book, but must have skipped that part because "why would I ever need nitrous oxide!!! "


  • Best of luck with getting your message across re: nitrous & B12 and with the operation! Please keep us posted on how you fare, beginner1. xx

  • A shambles - the desk had no appointment marked for me, no record of me seeing them 2 days before. It took 30 mins. to sort out. I did see a consultant but not the specialist on this subject who is away. This one said he could not see what was going on clearly on the scan and I needed an MRI (they would let me know when!!!) and I would probably see the other one in two weeks time.

    On Tuesday it was the doctor saying he would like me to stay in, and I must come straight in if my eyes changed at all - now it is all casual and going to happen sometime - who to believe. Needless to say today's one was not interested in (or didn't know?) about B12.

    Rant over!!!!!

    PS I have read all the information you all have suggested. Thanks again.

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