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More problems - what next

I had a cataract op. in May. Follow up appointment was fine.

I have had a swelling in my eyelid and eyes diverging occasionally, since the autumn. The eye consultant said, in March, it was a slipped fleshy pad, and the divergence was ok.

For the last week or so have had double vision, and my eye socket is swollen. (as well as the first swelling.) Recently my balance, which had improved a lot after B12 injections, got worse again (but not as bad as before the B12 inj’s.)

I phoned the hospital number, given to me, for post op. problems and was told to come in immediately. My eyes were thoroughly tested (it was Friday afternoon by this time) and I was told to come in on Monday to see someone? and have blood tests.

I know B12 D. is involved with many problems – so does anyone have any ideas of what is going on, before I have to face Monday. I had a head CT scan in March and blood sugar was ok in January as was Coeliac.

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I can't really advise what they will be looking for in the blood tests - unlikely if you are being treated for B12 that a B12 serum test is going to be useful.

Unfortunately balance is a rather complex area and involves a lot of senses - although B12 has been involved in the past it is possible that it isn't what is at work this time and it may be down to the eye problems and the brain having problems not being able to focus properly - or it may be that there is now an infection that is what is causing the swelling and that is impacting on your balance - whatever I really hope that things start to resolve themselves on Monday.


Thanks for answering.

What I was surprised about was the speed of being seen. I asked whether it was the imbalance between one near-sighted eye and one that is now long-sighted. That did not seem to be the answer and did not seem interested in B12 D either. I did not understand and can't remember what the eye problem was. The last test was on a squared chart, I had to point to intersections, then a light came on and showed a curved chart with pointer no longer on the intersection. Ah well perhaps I will find out on Monday.


I'm afraid I can't advise either, but I wish you all the best for Monday. Let us know how you get on.


Good luck on Monday! Would it be helpful to take a family member or friend as a second set of ears? Sometimes when one is under stress and getting a lot of medical info, it can be confusing and easy to miss information. Please let us know how you get on!


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