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Three steps forward and one step back.

I took a Folic Acid tablet (400ug per tablet) for three days this week and by the third day I was light-headed, dizzy and walked into a wall for the first time for about 7 weeks. It is the only thing that was different in my life that I can think of.

I have looked at the video (fbirder's) and articles on folic acid but can't find anything relevant. I have stopped taking the tablets and have improved a bit.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • 400 ug isn't an awful lot of folate. It's the recommended minimum daily amount and is what you's get in 200g of spinach or lentils.

    Some people take 5000 ug every day.

  • Thanks fbirder - I can't think of anything else that I took or happened this week except Brexit !!! and that was after symptoms had started to improve again.

  • just had a look through the EFSA summary of adverse effects from folic acid

    p51 on

    Nothing obvious in there but the paper was published in 2006 - EFSA do regular literature reviews and do publish reviews

    so if you search for folic acid this comes up

    a lot there but nothing that seems to point to anything specifically.

    Sorry - can't help any more - but hope you find an answer - stopping the supplements was the most sensible thing to do - you could also try looking at the tablets and what else they contained just in case it was a sensitivity to something else in the tablet

  • Hope the extracts below help:

    "Folic acid should never be taken while B12 is very low as it gets 'trapped', cannot be used, and could make neurological symptoms worse ".

    More info on folic acid in this video: -

    (page 17 - "the best treatment for B12 def. is vitamin B12 without additional folic acid)."

    "Folate is required for the synthesis of red blood cells, those tiny disc shaped cells that carry oxygen in your blood to deliver it to each and every corner of your body. However, B12 is required in a reaction that converts folate into a form usable by the body to make red blood cells. Without that, folate cannot participate in the synthesis of red blood cells. So without B12, folate is literally of no use! ". - 'The B12 Deficiency Survival Handbook', by Dr Aqsa Ghazanfar :

    "If there is noncomitant B12 and folic acid deficiency, then B12 must be started first to avoid precipitating sub acute degeneration of the spinal cord.

    In patients with isolated vitamin B12 deficiency and anaemia, additional folic acid is recommended until vitamin B12 is replete to prevent subsequent folate deficiency after replenishment of B12 stores.l

    Iron deficiency can be treated with oral ferrous sulphate (or suitable alternative) 200mg three times daily with vitamin C supplementation"

    Why You Should Stop Taking Folic Acid

    Summary Below

    This is Dr Ben Lynch giving clinical insights to a common condition - from the cuff - not reading and no teleprompter.



    Stop taking synthetic folic acid.

    Folic acid is poorly converted to reduced (active) folate.

    Folic acid also competes with biopterin for DHFR (dihydrofolate reductase). Biopterin is crucial for neurotransmitter production.

    In summary, get rid of the folic acid!

    Where's the research to back this up? Read this:

  • so if you are 94 re b12 no folate acid? GP gave me it too! ?

  • No I did not start taking it until I had had quite a few B12 injections. The doctor did not give it to me, but folate being on the low side of the range I bought some.

    I checked the filler ingredients, and they should not have caused any problems in the amounts in a tablet.

    I am fine again now, but it was a bit scary at the time.

  • Thanks for posting this! I too started my B12 injections every other day last Monday and have also been prescribed 5mg Folic Acid to take as well which is started the same day. I felt lots better during the first week but by Tuesday this week was having palpitations, exhaustion and the heavy feeling in my legs had come back. Now I'm hoping I will start to feel better again now my loading doses have finished!

  • Folic acid is easily reduced to tetrahydrofolate by the vast majority of the population. Here's a video by a proper scientist (a prof at a top university, not someone who dropped out of med school and had to go to a place that does 'alternative' medicine and now makes his living by selling adverts on his evangelical website).

  • There should be room on this site for all views without being combative and insulting - it is not heloful to people seeking answers.

  • It is not insulting to give the facts.

  • "Someone who dropped out of med school and had to go to a place that does 'alternative' medicine and now makes his living by selling adverts on his evangelical website)."


  • I briefly watched bits of Dr Chaney’s video and there are some inaccuracies which made me wonder. I had a look at his website and I thought some health advice was quite poor for a scientist. I then became intrigued to what it was that made Dr Chaney tick and without too much digging, he has an agenda with Shaklee Corporation and Shaklee do not sell Methylfolate.

    This Dr Chaney youtube video is really not worth watching. However, the first two polarised comments are well worth reading.

  • He dropped out of pre-med school at University of Washington.

    Wikipedia says this about Bastyr University -

    Bastyr's programs are controversial for teaching subjects that are considered pseudoscience and quackery by the scientific and medical communities.[1][2] Quackwatch includes Bastyr University in its list of "questionable organizations" as a school which is "accredited but not recommended".[3]

    The only other possible source of income is from his health goods company. Their website doesn't work. He earns money from the ads on his sites. The more people he gets to visit the richer he becomes.


  • Facts: So dr Chaney has no agenda ? 😄

  • And another thing, are you saying this latest peer reviewed BMJ research paper is wrong? :

    "If there is noncomitant B12 and folic acid deficiency, then B12 must be started first to avoid precipitating sub acute degeneration of the spinal cord."

  • Thanks for all the information. I am reading it. In the meantime it is asparagus, spinach and lentils, no hardship, and they caused no problems.

  • I cannot take folic acid alone. I just take the Methylcobalamin. Multi B vitamins give me a host of problems. As a vegan, B12 is the only supplement in the B family that I take. After 9 months, I finally feel fantastic!

  • If nothing else beginner1 as my mother would have said "Eat your greens!"

    I've taken 1 – Folic Acid 400μg every day for more years than I can remember, it's also found in my breakfast cereals and I "eat my greens" and my level in March was

    Serum Folate (SZ1706)Normal no action18.2ng/ml3.10 – 20.50ng/ml

    Glad you are "feeling fine again".

  • i wouldnt have thought it be the be folic acid as this is found in a lot of green vegetables and foods we generally eat sometimes I get dizzy with my b12 deficiency could it be that? of course I'm not a medic to say it's right but give them another go

  • I have found a few references to rare allergies to Folic Acid tablets, but that the folate in greens etc. was fine. The chemistry is beyond me, and the studies have featured few people. But as I love dhal with my curries, asparagus and spinach I shall consider myself 'rare' and stick to them.

    Thanks for the interest.

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