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Hi Clive alive and other helpful or interested people.

I thought I should write my own post instead of 'hijacking' jillc39 's.

I am improving, doing well, I am going to be ok. - thanks to the private GP, who is interested in B12 Deficiency.

BUT I am still mad at my NHS GP and the other NHS GP's in Gloucestershire who are treating their patients so badly. I have tried to 'educate' mine, gave him a copy of the BCSH Journal and showed him the relevant bits, with no response.

I wonder if sending copies of the BCSH Journal, and the other relevant NHS information to the doctor whose name is on the bottom of the 'updated' !!! 2005 Glos. Guidelines would do any good. Do I send a covering letter and put my name on them?

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  • It can't hurt to write to them and ask why the BCSH guidelines are being ignored. I would definitely put my name on the bottom - but that's because I'm me.

  • when I tried to show my gp some info I got showed the door!!!

  • That makes me so mad. Mine is too polite to do that, he just doesn't answer when he doesn't like the question - such as "why am I not getting the treatment laid down in the BCSH Journal"

  • Well done beginner1 for even thinking of taking on the medical establishment. Sadly we treat doctors as gods whereas they are just human beings like we are even though they may think they are the deity.

    A polite letter should do you no harm and may benefit scores of "fellow sufferers".

  • Good to hear you are improving beginner1.

  • Hi B, could you go higher up the food chain? The health authority and your GP. Asking why the BCSH recommendations are NOT being followed by GPs? Pointless mucking around and just getting frustrated? Best wishes 👍🏼😜🍀

  • I think I'd start with the local CCG ( Care Commissioning Group) and maybe your local MP. Then work your way down from there. It is disgusting that doctors ignore updated information from their own journal.

    Glad you are feeling better, what a shame you had to fight for it though.

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