Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome can be improved with vitamin B12 and folic acid

Swedish researchers have been looking into treating people with CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia with IM B12 and oral folic acid.

Those receiving B12 jabs once per week, along with high doses of folic acid, were the best responders.

Oops! Just noticed this is from last year. Sorry if you've already seen it.

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  • I haven't seen it and will read it. Thanks fbirder

  • Interesting article, well worth reading. Thanks.

  • As a relative newbie I was very interested to read this, so thanks for posting. As someone who over the past 20 years been diagnosed with thyroid disease, and then suggestions of ME/CFS, MS and Parkinson's before they finally settled on fibromyalgia, I found this study fascinating. It links my two confirmed diagnoses together along with my b12 and folate deficiency. In January I was told that I would probably need a wheelchair, that I wasn't going to get better and I should just accept it. I refused, researched, joined 3 HU forums and educated myself about the thyroid, low b12, fibromyalgia and treatments. I had private tests done to confirm b12 deficiency, doctor dismissed them of course! Started self medicating in March. I now just use a walking stick having got off crutches, mental clarity has lifted as well as all the other b12 symptoms. Still have some problems obviously, especially neurological which are going to be permanent. But I now,feel I have a life back and a future. I will continue to self inject and take the necessary supplements.

    I will give this research to my GP, for all the good it will do! You never know he may acknowledge it and pass it around. Same with the hospital doctor when I next go.

    I don't know if you have pit this on the thyroid and fibromyalgia forum or not, but do you mind if I do? Thanks. :-)

  • I don't know if you have pit this on the thyroid and fibromyalgia forum or not, but do you mind if I do?

    No problem. I'm not on either of those fora, although I'm beginning to think I should be.

    I'd put my fatigue down to my B12 deficiency. It does seem to kick in if I do any exercise more than 5 days since an injection. I'd assumed that there was some biochemical pathway involving B12 that was unknown to medicine. But, having read this I'm wondering if it might be ME and that the B12 is treating that.

    My neurologist is sure that my fatigue is caused by some autoimmune problem, and that the B12 is just a placebo. I'm going to print this out and take it along next time I see him.

  • Let us know what he says. It will be interesting to hear his response.

  • fbirder - could it be the thyroid causing the fatigue ? Especially as you have a new diagnosis of Diabetes. Every cell in the body needs T3 - the active hormone.

    Ensure you have the correct testing and not just the TSH . Also needed is the FT4 - FT3 and Thyroid anti-bodies Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg. It could be the auto-immune problem your neurologist has mentioned.

    My cousin was diagnosed with ME after her second child and gave up her career as a Physiotherapist. When I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2005 - she decided to be tested - and sadly found she had the same. All those years wasted.

    With regard to wanting scientific evidence - you can be assured of good advice on TUK HU - as Dr John Midgeley is one of the active members known as diogenes. You may wish to read the research papers he has been involved with regarding the unreliability of the TSH testing and more - they are on the Forum.

  • I was tested shortly after my PA diagnosis, and I vaguely remember looking at some results on the GP's screen. But that was in my really bad days, so I've no idea what was tested, or the results. I'll have to ask to look next time I see somebody (probably my diabetic nurse).


    When you see your results the above chart may prove helpful ....

    Lets hope you were tested for more than the TSH which is only part of the story .....

  • Hi fbirder, Im not sure if this helps, but I have started Dr Myhills "Methylation Pathway" protocol about a month ago, from what I can tell im heading in the right direction but need more Methylcobalamin (kept it to 1mg due to price -but will up when order comes through). Dr Yasko is of interest to me too. Bottom line is its believed we have a mitochondrial dysfunction which explains the requirement for higher doses of anything due to lack of absorption into the cell and our energy centres. I am diagnosed with ME and Aspergers (which experts believe are one and the same) and re-occuring Macrocytosis.

    Let me know your thoughts

    Kindest wishes

    Tracy x

  • I'm afraid I can't really offer any comments on the methylation pathway protocol, as I can't find any scientific (i.e., published peer-reviewed papers) about it.

    There are many types of mitochondrial disease - which sort do you think you have?

    Do you have any references for experts who believe that ME and asperger's are one and the same? I'm sitting next to somebody who is aspie. She was diagnosed by the UK's foremost expert, Simon Baron-Cohen (cousin to Sacha Baron Cohen - aka Ali G and Borat) and I'm pretty sure he doesn't make such a link.

  • I agree Mr Cohen doesnt make such a link ........... maybe he's a bit caught up on psychological manifestations rather than physical issues that affect psychological presentations. I hate to say it but I do not have much time for this individual. I have spent many hours in conversations with Professor Fitzgerald world renowned Aspie expert and Paul Shattock OBE along with Professor Malcolm Hooper Gulf war and M.E expert. When your unable to function and peer reviewed papers havent been funded one has to consider logic and trial and error. Dr Yasko is also world renowned. All of the above people have an agenda to find the cause and repair, all share my view including Dr Myhill. Unfortunately Mr Cohen has too many connections to government insurance companies etc......... I often joke that his harsh nature towards aspies is to further himself from Sasha who clearly thinks a little more outside the box. I too have been diagnosed by a trusted member of Mr Cohens team who does NOT share his views on proposed deviancy of aspies. This is not the same as presentations of profound Autism ................. there really needs to be a much clearer depiction of both as they are NOT the same. Its a bit like saying a cruel man who sleeps around not considering his companions feelings is the same as a murderer. Im popping out but will continue our conversation later if you'd like. Have a top day. Tracy x

  • But are there any papers on ME and aspergers being 'one and the same'?

  • NICE guidelines for CFS..........

    "There is insufficient evidence for the use of supplements such as vitamin B12, vitamin C, co enzyme Q10, magnesium, NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) or multivitamins and minerals for people with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME), and therefore they should not be prescribed for treating the symptoms of the condition."

    "Tests for vitamin B12 deficiency should not be carried out unless a full blood count and mean cell volume show a macrocytosis"


  • Very interested in this. I have long suspected that ME/CFS is a condition that has, at least partly, arisen as a consequence of the parsimonious approach to B12 replacement therapy. I seem to remember that ME used to be dismissively referred to as 'Yuppie Flu' when it first started making headlines in the Eighties. As we all know the maintenance doses were reduced in 1974 from monthly to every two months and 1984 from every two months to every three.

    I am pretty certain I could base a PhD thesis on B12 and the History of the Invalid (with vague non-specific symptoms with no apparent cause that other folk think are invented or exaggerated) but without access to the epidemiological data, a reliable history of prescribing practices and a timeline of changes in diagnostic criteria it could be difficult to say the least.

  • My daughter has ME and started SI with b12 3 months ago. She has seen a big improvement. However, her b12 level was only 240 which is too high for injections at our gp, so she may have been b12 deficient for some time. She now does hydroxy every other day and methyl and adeno sublinguals on the days in between.

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