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Has anyone had a backlash from their surgery after Martyn Hooper wrote to them?

I left a copy of the BCSH Guidelines with my GP who said he would get back to me. (See earlier post) Nearly 3 weeks have gone by and he hasn't.

I have drafted a letter to Martyn Hooper who had previously said he would write to the Surgery if I wanted him to, but before sending it I wondered if anyone had had a backlash from the surgery on recieving a letter from Martyn - thrown out, bad treatment, nastiness etc.

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Martyn has not written a letter on my behalf but if he did and there was a backlash against me I would be tempted to talk to my MP and NHS England.

A surgery I was at, did put pressure on me to leave which I found a very difficult experience.


Do please get in touch with your surgery before you do anything else... It might just be that it has slipped his mind. Bad enough of course when you rely on these people but probably benign... Best wishes

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This has happened before, A few weeks ago he said he would get back to me and I ended up phoning the surgery.

Thanks for the answers.


I find if you voice an opinion they don't like it. mine are arrogant and verging on rude.

I've had comments of.

your b12 is far too high . no further action.

your anxiety has latched onto b12.

after trying to get a blood test that a different doctor had promised my doctor almost shouted at me


25 years later I've apparently been misdiagnosed because of a high b12 count

its them that's caused the anxiety withdrawing my injections.

I would suggest putting things in writing to them, they're more likely to act if there's a record. I've just written to them and if I don't get a response I'm going to my MP


Hi sallyloade,

If you are a PAS member, the PAS may be able to intervene on your behalf.

pernicious-anaemia-society.... 01656 769 717

There are posts on Martyn Hooper's blog where he mentions writing letters to medics on behalf of members.

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