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Blood Test Results

Blood test end of April gave some results that I would appreciate some advice on if anybody can help. Red blood cell distribution width 21.2(+) Mean cell haemoglobin level (pg ) 23.9 (-) Haematocrit 0.44 I'd been taking 210mg iron a day for a month due to iron deficiency when test done. Bit confused by Haematocrit result, wondering how local lab records this, all uk sites I've looked at say normal is 38% to 46% . Thanks to everyone who has helped with advice to date really grateful.

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Red blood cell distribution width always goes up after an iron deficiency is treated as the new healthy cells are larger than the old iron-deficient cells. After a few months it should be back to normal once all the cells have been replaced.

I think that a haematocrit of 0.44 is equivalent to 44%.


Thank you Laura5, I thought I wouldn't be standing if 0.44. Red blood cell distribution width 15(+) in 2012, in March this year 17.1(+) in April 21(+), Ferritin found to be 10(-) in March and prescribed iron. Mean cell volume (fl) 79(-) in 2014, 76(-) in April back up to 79(-) after month of iron. I don't think test results are far off normal but I have PA and Hashimoto's, ferritin in 2014 was 15 but not treated until this year when found deficient. PA , Hashimoto's and iron deficiency all have similar symptoms, I know some of these results indicate iron deficiency but also B12 could be involved. Think iron deficiency aggravated PA and Hashimoto's symptoms, wondered if anyone knows if these results particularly indicate lack of B12 and have had similar problem with low/deficient iron, definitely feel improvement after 1 month of iron with ferritin raised to 27, GP has agreed to bring level to 100 as PAS advise.


I have lots of problems with iron. You're lucky that you've responded so well to the supplements. My ferritin was 5 when I was anaemic, got up to 13 after 1 year which the GP said was still too low so he prescribed ferrous fumarate 3 times a day for a month and it went up to 17. A year later it was 18 and a year after that 10. All that time I was taking one or two iron tablets a day for at least 6 months of each year. I'm really hoping that if it hasn't gone up significantly this time after 3 months of high dose iron I might be able to have an infusion.

Once your blood has enough iron, it should be easier to see any effects of low B12 in your results. At the moment they are definitely indicating an iron deficiency rather than B12. B12 deficiency without any iron deficiency would usually have MCV, MCH and MCHC near or above the top of the range. I think it takes about 3 months for all your blood cells to be replaced.


Iron level was really affecting me , restless legs, feeling low etc. you must be really fed up after over two years of treatment without any improvement, you really have my sympathy. I'm going to try Floradix Liquid Iron and Vitamin Formula 500ml , which a lot of people recommend as more easily and quickly absorbed but I expect you've heard about this and maybe tried it already. I'm waiting for an endoscopy to eliminate Celiac or other causes of iron deficiency, has your GP sent you for endoscopy or any other tests or examinations to establish why your iron is low/deficient. Every cell in your body needs it to function properly, I hope things get better for you soon for you and thank you for the advice re test results.


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