Private blood test & gp visit & response

Private blood test & gp visit & response

1 injection of Hydroxocolamin 1mg one every 2 weeks for 4 then 1 every 3 months... I'm not that bad according to him... 5 mg of folic each day... 10.000 Pro d3 every other day.... I'm not that bad according to him... No IF test straight away have been referred to Gastro after a fight... No concern about CRP inflammation?? I was told to post here and on thyroid wall, as I'm so lost... And unwell... Please help... Thanks Jo

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  • Not surprised that you feel unwell with the B12 reading you have - good that he has given you folate as well. Your B12 was seriously low.

    unfortunately many GPs think that B12 is a blood disorder and if you don't have macrocytosis then that means they have caught it early. Unfortunately neither part of that is true. They tend not to be aware of the full range of symptoms of B12 - and given the overlap with thyroid problems it's likely they will put any neurological problems down to thyroid if you have a thyroid problem.

    I don't have a thyroid problem but I can trace my B12 symptoms back over 40 years ... and I have never had any anaemia. It is a common symptom but it isn't necessarily among the first to appear

    Suggest that you make a note of all of the symptoms that are B12 related and monitor changes over the period of loading shots - though if you are in the UK you certainly aren't being given the treatment recommended by either NICE or the BCSH - not that the maintenance regime in the guidelines is necessarily sufficient

    you can find list of symptoms of B12 deficiency here


    and the BCSH guidelines can be found here.

    treatment protocol is bottom of p8

  • he's only going to give me 1 injection every 2 weeks for 4 weeks.. So 2 in this next month the once every 3 months... Not that I am looking forward to them, but that doesn't seem a lot to me? .. 1mg per ampoule

  • Unfortunately a lot of regions have local guidelines and some haven't updated them for the new BCSH guidelines a couple of years ago ... and in other cases GPs just aren't aware of the changes - it may be worth drawing your GPs attention to the new guidelines may help.

  • Also the PAS has just produced a leaflet for GPS that may help. Not sure if you will be able to use this link if you aren't actually a member of the PAS


    It covers loading doses but doesn't actually say anything about maintenances shots - or at least I didn't notice it

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