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I had a very amiable appointment with my NHS GP. Showed him the private neurologists report. Told him about the injection I had had and the ones I planned to have. We discussed how the NHS Guidelines differed from the outdated Glos. ones and I showed him the copy of the BSCH report, which he asked to borrow, I said he could keep it. So he is going to get back to me. I now need to print another copy for the Glos. Guidelines man.

As I have said before my GP's are very nice. But whether anything comes of this I shall have to see. 

I have felt so much better and cheerful this week after two injections (by private GP) and 10 days of spray:  balance is much better too, even the eyes shut balance is a bit better, no more walking like a drunk, legs tingling instead of a dead numb, no feeling faint, energy is still low. 

Some advice needed - the 5 injections are working out at one a week, (bank holiday etc. spoiling the two a week I had intended)  Any advice about what interval I should try, between injections when the 5 finish, every 2 weeks? every month? or?  

My B12 was very low 103ng - (180 - !000) when I started out In January. 343ng when retested 3 months after 5 loading injections.

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people vary so much the only practical advice is to go by symptoms.  if you feel them returning then you need to top up


Try once a week to begin with . Then lengthen the interval by a few days, if all goes well, and see how you feel . There is no danger in how often you inject. It's all a matter of trial and error .


oh do give us an update as you go along.


I would recommend keeping a log of whichever of your symptoms vary the most. I chose fatigue as that's what really got worse when I needed another jab. I put mine into Excel and used that to plot a graph -


Hi beginner1,

So pleased to hear that your neuro symptoms are improving.

Do you keep a daily log of symptoms?

 Some people on this forum have found that useful. They score the severity of their symptoms each day and it helps some to see when their symptoms improve and deteriorate.

 I haven't managed to keep a daily log but do keep a list of all the symptoms which have improved/disappeared since taking B12.

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Thank you all for your knowledge, help and advice. I do not think I would have survived without it. 

Keeping a log is a good idea.

I can't do Excel (I am good at computer graphics but rubbish at the rest) but can and will manage a paper graph. Good idea too.

Does anyone else write a reply and then forget to hit submit and lose it all!!!

Thanks again.


Hi there,good for you having an interested mentioned in your postbthay you are taking a spray.could you let me know which brand is working for you.I too have started injections and dont feel oral b12 are doing anything. Have you noticed improvement since starting them.linda


The spray is Boost from Holland & Barrett. I don't know if it is doing any good as I am having injections (one a week) as well but something is working so I shall continue.

If you put in Boost in the search you will find lots of advice from people who know much more than I do. 

Good luck.


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