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Help understanding blood test

Hello nice to talk to you here, uncertain at present of condition, experiencing upset in stomach, burning over stomach, nausea. But blood tests show concern  can anybody help me understand readings, being sent for endoscopy test. Nervous, 

Serum folate 4.7ug\l

 Serum ferritin 11ug/l

Hematocrit 30.2% low

And other readings

Haemoglobin estimation 90g/l low

Should there be reason for concern 

GP mention anemia 8.8 low level  any advice greatly appreciated

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Hi, any chance you can repost this with the ranges which the lab use. That way the members can see whereabouts the actual result is.


Even without the ranges, a ferritin level of 11 with low hemoglobin and hematocrit would indicate iron deficiency. Since you're being sent for an endoscopy and you mention a burning sensation in your stomach, I wonder if they're looking for an ulcer? Ulcers are treatable and endoscopies aren't too bad. I've only had one endoscopy. They knocked me out so it was really just like going to sleep and waking up with it already being all over. And then they hand you some pages (usually with a couple of pictures of your insides) that tell you what they found and send you on your way.

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