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Beginner1 again

How quickly does B12 leave one’s system?

B12 is 103 (180 - !000) Plus neuro symptoms.

Numb legs, loss of balance, waves of feeling faint.

I have had 5 loading injections and now 3 months later I am to have another blood test.

I know this treatment is not right by the NHS guidelines. (This is Gloucestershire) but will my B12 levels still be high so I will get nothing at all.

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the trouble is its a one size fits all - which it doesn't.  I am having a great struggle with my gp as I have numb legs and very painful feet.


I Suppose the most basic answer is - depends on how good your body is at using it up either to repair or just through weeing it out again. I had 3 month blood test which showed it to be over their guide limit. I had expected this, as many posts will tell you so. Frank has really high numbers whenever he has had them done. 

But that is part of the problem for us, they see numbers not symptoms, hence a good few of us finding alternative methods of trying to keep well. I had hoped my numbers would be low enough to be treated more frequently- but not to be.

The other consideration is- even if the numbers are high in your blood it doesnt necessarily mean that the b12 they have already given is doing the job properly and healing. Seems like many gps dont do further testing to check either.


I had a feeling that would be the case  - a lot of useless B12 washing around the system unable to get where it is needed. 

Thanks for the reply.


Is your MP helpful? Sometimes MPs can get answers from officials where members of the public can't.

GPs can contact the haematogists at main hospital in Gloucestershire for advice on which guidelines they should use.

CCGs (Clinical commisioning groups) may be able to tell you what guidelines are being followed in your area.


My GP did consult the local haematologist regarding treatment for B12 deficiency with associated neurological symptoms (icy cold feet or toasty warm!).  The advice was 6 loading doses followed by two-monthly injections .... a concession as I made a fuss about the three-monthly injections recommended by the GP and hoped to get the proper treatment for my condition, ie, injections every other day 'until the symptoms improved'.  NO CHANCE!


My GP's are following the official guidelines in this area. Updated in 2005. 

Had to have a B12 blood test today 3 months after loading injections. I can just hear them say "Your B12 is high no injections" Any one bet on it.

So I went straight to H&B and bought a B12 spray, stocked fridge with the right sort of sauerkraut, and am about to book some private injections. 


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