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I have, on advice, contacted the disability advisor at uni and booked an appointment for Monday lunchtime. They want to discuss how my condition affects me and my needs at uni. Is there anything anyone thinks I should take with me. I am going to take the letter from PAS for tutors etc but anything else.  The main thing affecting my studies is chronic fatigue, though my old GP told me that it can't be that bad as I am doing a degree -  I am struggling with the course, placement and studying for exams.  

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  • Hi,

    Some links I thought might be useful,




    Disabled Students Helpline Tel. 0800 328 5050

  • Thank you - I have received an email from them telling me to apply for DSA. I will thoroughly check these out.

  • I  wish you well sleepypuss and hope you get the support you need.

  • Have you seen the letter for lecturers that the society has on its website?

  • yes, my tutor has a copy and I have printed one off for Monday.

  • You could ask what adaptations they can help you with - maybe software to type up notes for lectures you have recorded, using voice recognition software so you can dictate rather than type, that sort of thing. You will know what drains your energy most. On placements, can you adapt hours and activities to your energy levels? Can any coursework deadlines be flexible or extended?

    Hope you get the help you need, and good luck with your course.

  • Thank you. I will ask about all this tomorrow. 

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