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Cutting Solgar Sublingual Methylcobalamin, 5000 mcg in half. Is it possible

I am considering getting some sublingual methylcobalamin. I am not sure whether to buy 1000mcg or 5000mcg as I don't know how much to start with. Is it possible to cut them in half? Should I also take folate with it and if so how much is usual.

My blood test result before the loading injections were. I noticed a slight improvement during the loading injections but I can't get anymore so I thought about trying to help myself.

Serum vitamin B12    110 pg/ml (180 – 914)

Plasma Folate    9ng/ml (4 – 20)

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B12 is water soluble and you can't overdose.  I fill in with 2x 5000 mcg anytime when I feel my weekly cyano injection running out.


Ive just got some liquid methyl from a company called yogabody about £18 inc delivery via amazon tried it - it works for me.


yes you can take portions of sublinguals rather than the whole sublingual.

your folate levels aren't brilliant so it might be worth taking some - they usually come as 400mcg tablets. Difficult to say how much because there are a number of unknowns around how well folic acid might be processed etc.

Actually the best form of folate is food so it might be worth looking at diet and checking that you have as much folate rich food in it as possible.

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