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The letter from the haematologist has arrived and it is not complex at all so the GP clearly has a low opinion of my intelligence. I can't believe she said I could not have a copy because it is too complex.

It states the advice given is in accordance with guidelines, which recommends pragmatic approach with a review at 3 weeks (they did not review they said 3 weeks of injections and any remaining symptoms are not due to B12d, so made the decision before I had the injections). They said my current levels of 1252 are supraphysiological and therefore the residual symptoms are not due to tissue B12d (are they completely brainless?, this is serum level and will be high!!!!!). They have acknowledged the nitrous oxide at work may well be an issue for me. They said they do not see B12 patients at the haematology clinic because of huge demands on their service from the ever increasing malignant haematological practice.

Not happy because there is nothing complex in the letter and they are completely misinterpreting the word review and have said my high levels mean my symptoms are not due to B12d.

Next step??? Considering cancelling my apt with the GP on March 7 to discuss the letter, putting in an SAR and moving to another practice that has been recommended. I am treating myself but want to know what damage has already been done so want to see a neurologist but my main priority is getting my son's treatment started, as they are refusing to treat him.

Hubby says forget the SAR and maybe get the current GP to refer me to a neurologist as a GP at a new surgery will want a full history before referral. He agrees that a tel consultation about the letter will give me a watered down version of it and may not be beneficial to me. The thing is I want to jump ship, I am sick of my current surgery and another referral from them will mean a longer wait to leave.

Opinions - take hubby's advice or go to new surgery now.

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  • I suppose the real main question here is .... How likely is it your current gp will refer you for a neuro appt?

    You can only ask.

    at least you were given a haemo appt despite it not giving you what you were hoping for.

  • after that letter I do not think she will refer me anywhere else. She only referred me to the haemo because I wrote to the practice manager about her and she passed the buck.

  • And I did not have a haemotologist appt. The letter was a refusal to see me and a big go away we have sick patients to care for

  • If your gut is telling you ton leave and you have had a recommendation for another surgery - if I've understood your post properly - then I'd be inclined to go with that. Trust has obviously completely broken down for you at the old surgery and trust is so important.

    You don't have to give a reason when you switch surgeries and if they ask I'm sure you can think of something - like being more convenient - look at all the factors for the new surgery and weight them up but at the end of the day you need to go with what your gut is telling you.

  • forms are all filled in ;-) Just waiting to hear about my thyroid tests then I am gone.

  • I really hope the new surgery listen more. I am not expecting more frequent injections as so many gps will not do this. I just want a gp that listens and does not fob me off with her sickly sweet smile and rubbish about my symptoms not being down to my b12d (but no concern about my increasing tingling, numbmess and pain or suggestion of finding a cause). The new surgery is more convenient in that it is closer (all of 1 minute closer by car ;-) ). My main concern though is starting my son's treatment. I was close at the current surgery as his gp said he was b12d but just wanted the result from the mma (which I had requested originally but it took so much longer to come back than all his other tests) then the mma was 0.27 and the gp has said he is not b12d and refuses to treat him. I am worried about his neuro problems. He is 17 but won'T fight for himself with the gp as he is autistic.

  • This is very disturbing - I hope you have a better experience at the new surgery. I have realised I don't understand how the medical profession works or thinks at all. Reading the posts on here is shocking.

  • and I am going into that medical profession

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