Ferritin levels

Ferritin levels

When I started this B12d journey it was noted my ferritin levels were the lower end of normal so I was put on ferrous fumarate for 3 months. Within a few days of finishing the supplements I had terrific headaches and vertigo. My GP said my ferritin levels could not have dropped that quickly and refused to test my levels (I was in tears in her office because I was feeling so bad). I could not put up with it anymore so I bought more ferrous fumarate and felt loads better within a couple of days. I then saw another GP that said he never had problems ordering ferritin level testing for a patient. He ordered the test and said my levels would be raised because I am on supplements but after 3 months he wanted me to take a months break then get tested again. The raised levels came back at 70 (which my podiatrist felt was not that high for saying I am taking 420mg ferrous fumarate. I have been on the tablets for just over a month but the insides of my eyelids are still white with very little visible blood supply (see photo), which suggests to me that the ferrous fumarate is not raising my levels sufficiently. Anyone experienced similar - do I persist for another 2 months and see if things improve? I am a bit worried that when I stop my levels will plummet and I will not be able to wait a month for blood tests to confirm my anaemia. I am si every other day with hydroxo and I believe this puts pressure on ferritin levels.

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  • Low levels of ferritin when you are taking lots of iron can be a symptom of coeliac ie the gut is damaged meaning the iron is not being absorbed.

    You should mention this to your doctor. This is how I found out about Coeliac - I could not improve my ferritin levels, nor B12 and D3

  • My coeliac test was negative and the gp will not accept this could be false

  • I have read that you can still be coeliac but blood tests might not show it. You could contact Coeliac UK's helpline for how to deal with your doctor.

    My dietician says that if you have a healthy gut then iron supplements should not be necessary. They are treating the symptom but the cause is still there.

    I had low iron for years but was just given tablets and no investigation as to why I had an issue. My mother was Coeliac too and they never asked about family history until I changed doctors and then the link was made. I didn't have "classic/visible" symptoms - just the low vitamins with no explanation.

    It can take a while for ferritin levels to improve and then symptoms only improve after being on a good level. On my lab range I only start to feel energy, hair improves after I get it over 80

    Has he tested your D3 too - I suspect you will find that is also low.

    Good luck pushing for your root cause. Let us know how you get on :)

  • Also - are you taking Vit c at same time as iron? This helps to improve the absorption :)

  • yes I am taking vit c with my iron and I am also on 5000iu D3 (the dr prescribed 1600iu but I bought higher strength gel caps with no fillers, the prescribed tablets contain fillers).

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