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The GP promised to do MMA test on my son and it was not done. However his b12 has dropped from 282 to 196, his vit D is 33, his folates have dropped from >23.2 to 17.6 and his ALT is 57. This is all screaming B12 def but the GP says lets retest in 2 months. Um no I have an apt with him on Monday and he will be told my son needs treating then we are switching practices. I am getting sick of this now. My youngest may also be b12 def (at least that is what I am hoping with ALTs of 397, skewed results due to b12 def is far more desirable than liver disease). That is 3 of us not able to get the treatment we need, and I am not sure I want to be injecting my children every other day (plus I would never do it without the loading doses being done at the surgery). Hubby is also concerned that he has gastritis and is on antacids but there has been no follow up (like checking b12 levels) and he has degenerative lumbar disease but he has had no follow up. This surgery does not seem to look after its patients.

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  • Hope that it goes okay on Monday the the doctor does listen.

    Have you tried seeing if the local patient liaison group have any thoughts - or given the number of members of your family who seem to beinvolved - have you tried contacting the PAStosee if they can intervene/speak to the surgery and may be educate them a little on B12?

  • I tried PALS about my treatment and they have completely ignored my email. It might be worth talking to PAS to see if they can help. Thank you x

  • The MMA had been done but took 4 weeks to rtn results. The result was 0.27umol/L so the gp has said he is not b12d, despite saying he thought he was last week (wish I hadn't asked for MMA now because he was prepared to treat him until that came back). 21 symtoms but complete denial he is b12d. Speaking to mum yesterday (who sleeps all day) and I am convinced she is b12d so that would make my son at least 3rd generation with b12d. I am changing surgery soon so I will move my son now and see what happens.

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