I have an awful rash - bright red and extremely itchy. I do not know what it is from but the only new thing to me recently is the jab. I have si for 11 days now but have stopped (last one was Monday) just in case it is the jab after I read this vitamins.lovetoknow.com/Sid... It has been mentioned it could be depleted potassium that caused the rash but I can't find info. Anybody got any knowledge re the rash with b12 injection. I am on the sick as I can't do placement on antenatal ward while I have a rash and now I am worried how long it will last as I need to keep up with my hours or fail the year. When I had vertigo there was talk of me stepping off the course temporarily as I cannot learn while ill and obviously cannot make decisions about the care of women if I am unable to think straight. I really want to stay with my current cohort and not drop back onto another cohort because I have had to take time out. Really, really worried.

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  • GP said it is an allergy rash, I did not say I was si. Going to stop the si and let the rash heal then try again.

  • Iron def can cause rashes, make sure your getting enough 😊

  • After my initial 6 I had a rash all over my face/neck. Looked like acne - still here after 4 weeks but very very faint now.

    Best of luck with it, rashes are so annoying.

  • it is not like acne, it was a bright red and extremely itchy blotchiness. Fexofenadine has almost got rid of it and I have been cleared to go to work tomorrow :-)

  • Have you been tested for coeliac disease?

  • yes that was neg

  • And did it include a test for IgA deficiency which can give a false negative result for the coeliac test? Just wondering as a very itchy rash can be an alternative presentation of coeliac:


    Another autoimmune itchy rash is lichen planus:


  • I think prob not

  • I get extremely itchy rash on my face, plus acne pustules. Eventually it left a lot of scars. I had clear skin before the b12. I can't figure it out, but methylcobalamin have me the worst rash, cyano was better.

    It is possible to be allergic to cobalt in cobalamin, and it can be tested for I think.

  • Also I struggled a lot with very low potassium and I have low iron.

  • Ooh one more thing- the rash started a few weeks in. The hypokalemia started a few days in.

    My doctor told me to add Epsom salt footbaths at night 3-4 times a week (just enough to cause relaxtion, not nausea or diarrhea), and moderate doses of vitamin c. My skin cleared beautifully for a couple weeks.

    But the rash came back with a wicked vengeance and then magnesium and c didn't help. At the time I didn't know b12 was driving the rash, so I was in a steady daily dose!! I ended up seriously ill, although I understand that is unusual.

    I think it's a good bet to try Epsom salt footbaths for magnesium. And pace yourself with b12 if you feel you need to.

    Do you have thyroid problems by any chance?

  • Well my TSH 8 months ago was normal. I am having it tested again on Monday and the GP agreed to have t3 and t4 tested if TSH is normal again (as I told him TSH is not accuarte method for assessing thyroid function)

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