At last someone that listens

I have been to the GP. I explained how I felt a couple of days ago (bad vertigo, pains in my head etc) and that I have gone back on ferrous fumarate and I want my ferritin checking, but the GP I saw on Tuesday did not think it was linked, and now I am back on it I am a different person He said he has no problem with that. He did say it will be a false high this time because I am on tablets but to carry on with the ferrous fumarate for 3 months then allow a month before coming back for testing again. That led nicely onto my next topic because he asked about periods. I explained about them and said I want an ablation. He was surprised I went to him with it, he said most women go to a female gp - I told him as a student midwife I really am not bothered about talking about those kind of things. They have a gp that deals with those things so he will speak to her and recommend a referral to gynae and said it may even solve the ferritin issue. I then said my TSH was normal but I have read that TSH is not accurate measurement of thyroid function. He said he was aware of that thinking and does not totally agree but he felt my TSH should be tested again as it is 8 months since last test. If it comes back normal he will speak to endocrinology and try to persuade them to check T3 and T4. He did say I will not get B12 more often than 3 monthly - I just left that argument because it was off the back of another comment and I am already on 2 monthly and obviously si. So reasonably happy with that GP - I will be going back to him. I don't think I will ever win the B12 every other day until no improvement argument, but he is listening when I ask for tests. He knows I am worried about being asked to leave the course and want sorting asap.

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  • Glad you have someone listening at last, i know you have been extremely worried in the recent past. It might have helped your cause because you are in the profession, and not just a patient trying to preach to the gp as the most of us have to. Good luck with all your upcoming tests and appts.

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