Cannot get going

Every day I am waking at 5 am and am awake for abut an hour but then I do doze. When it comes to time to get up I just can't. It takes me 2 hours to persuade myself to get out of bed, this may be because it is the xmas break, so don't need to be up really. Tomorrow I am back at uni and will be getting up at 6:15am and I am a bit concerned whether I will be able to get up. I cannot function at all. Uni are aware I am struggling to stay awake and concentrate in lectures. On 18th January I am back to 12.5 hour shifts (leave home at 6:20am and get home at 9pm). My next jab is booked for 13th January. I have ordered some B12 injections because I cannot wait for my GP to realise I need more than 2 monthly injections. I cannot wait for them to arrive. I am feeling worse by the day.

I have booked to see another GP as the gastro refused to give my an h.pylori test (he said it is not linked to B12D and we all have it and it is not a problem - complete idiot). I am hoping the GP will have some sense and order a test. I am also going to mention an acid level test and the fact the gastro told me to stop taking vit D because he said 48.7nmol/L is fine.

I should not have to be fighting for these things - it is all a necessity and should be automatic when diagnosed with PA. My exhaustion is making fighting hard but I also need to apply myself to my degree, not researching and fighting for my health. I am scared that my studies are going to suffer because of exhaustion and time spent fighting for my health.

At the moment the health professionals are not showing me a duty of care and they are causing harm - that is against our policies as health professionals. Where is the continuous professional development? - the health professionals should all be up to date in PA (especially the gastro). I get myself so worked up and angry over this. I would never treat someone this way :-(

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  • Hope the B12 arrives soon and that there isn't anything else going on so it does resolve the situation.

    Unfortunately all you can do in regards of university is take one day as it comes. Sorting out the B12 is obviously taking a lot of time at the moment but it is something that needs to be done and without it your future is going to be much more difficult. From your other posts it sounds as if there are a lot of supportive people around you at university and I'm sure that they have recognised the effect that your health problems may be having on your studies and will find ways of helping you, but you do need to get better first.

    Difficult not to stress I know - especially with B12 making you more susceptible to stress - but you are actually doing the right things.

  • You have a gastroenterologist who reckons that we all have H. pylori and that it is not a problem! That is totally unbelievable. What does (s)he think causes the vast majority of gastric ulcers?

    Did you get this in writing?

  • No sadly

  • I hope your jabs arrive soon and you feel better quickly!

  • Hi,

    Sorry you feel so poorly. I do understand what its like batting your head against a brick wall. Do try to get the test from your GP. There is a lot of ignorance, I had to make the link with the gastro team. I had mild stomach atrophy enough to do damage. I wish you luck and all the best in your career and hope you feel better soon. You can always call the PA society they know so much x

  • Hi,

    Its possible to have H pylori tests done privately. I think Blue Horizons do one. There are home test kits but I have read that some of these do not give reliable results.

    Its possible that if you have a Spire hospital close by they may be able to do a test but you would probably need to pay for a private GP appt first.

    You can order private tests through some NHS surgeries. Perhaps offering to pay for the test might help.

    Your Uni might have a multifaith chaplaincy who might be a source of support.

  • Hi Sleepypuss,

    The breath test can be bought for approximately £20 from your pharmacist.

    I have just ordered Mastic Gum, Manuka Honey and Oregano oil capsules on Amazon.

    I really don't want to take the antibiotics and PPIs that are the usual medications prescribed. They didn't work for me 2 years ago.

    I will try a more natural route for a few weeks and do a breath test a couple of months after that.

    Take care


  • Thank you. I will look into that. My friend is a pharmacist so I will ask her if she sells it.

  • I'd also ask her which remedy she would recommend.

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