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My son's GP has agreed to do more tests on him as I said serum B12 and serum folate was not sufficient, despite his B12 being 282. He is also going to check with the biochemists about doing MMA and homocysteine. He said he had read about treating clinical picture, not figures. He seems a little bit more understanding so I am going to book myself to see him. I have also written to a GP 45 minutes from me that is listed as a good GP on the FB pernicious anaemia group. I am still waiting for my haematologist appointment.

Having said all that I have just ordered 100 B12 injections so I can self inject. Have I done the right thing? Should I have waited until I have exhausted all these other channels first?

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  • It sounds like your son's GP is on the ball, with a bit of luck he'll decide to allow you more frequent jabs.

    100 ampoules sounds like quite a lot. Even at one per week that'll last two years. I think I may have gone for a smaller amount in the hope that the NHS might come up with the goods, which would cost a lot less.

    Still, what is done is done. At least you know you have a backup atrategy if the doctors fail you.

  • I am going to start with alternate days, as suggested in guidelines - 'until no further improvement seen' so that is 200 days worth.

  • I believe you're doing exactly the right thing being proactive SP.

    Hopefully, as FB says, the surgery will eventually treat, but tests take time and both you and your son's health too important to leave to the whims of whether they will treat adequately or not. You will also have peace of mind knowing you are able to start treatment and have back up when needed.

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