I went to see my podiatrist yesterday to check up on my plantar fasciitis. She said all was good and was about to dismiss me when I mentioned the tingling in my feet and that I need more B12 but the GP won't give it to me. She looked horrified and said but that will lead to long term nerve problems. She asked if I had been sent for spinal assessment and I said no. She was horrified and said right shoes and socks off and on my couch. She then carried out nerve tests on my feet and said the damage had not yet been done as I could feel touch but she was concerned that I could not feel cold. I told her about the mouse trap going off on my foot and not hurting. She has said if it worsens I am to book an emergency appointment with her. She wants to see me in 3-6 months if I have not had to go back before hand and she said if things worsen she will write to my GP. I could have cried - at last someone that listened, believed and understood. That is all I want - understanding, not sympathy or judgement, just someone that will listen and understand and believe me when I say I need further treatment. The tingling in my fingers and dizziness is bad today and the tremors are back but I still have to wait 2 weeks for another injection. A 1 hour walk on the flat on monday really wiped me out.

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  • But this has also made me more angry. I am clearly getting some neurological symptoms and the gp, haematologist and gastro do not give a damn. I do not want these battles, I want to concentrate on my degree but fatigue makes that impossible. There are days when I get so low I feel like just giving up with all the battles I am fighting, giving up my degree and just shutting out the world. I was aiming for a first with my degree but that us unlikely now, all because medical professionals will not listen. Grrrrr I am so angry right now.

  • As you have a medical background - wouldn't if be possible for you to self inject - then you will not be held to ransom....

  • yes and I intend to but it does not deal with the lack of knowledge and the arrogance shown by medical professionals. There is a lack of care and it needs dealing with.

  • Of course you are absolutely right. My terminal ileum was removed over 42 years ago and I had spinal surgery in 2007 for what I now think was demyelination of the spinal cord. I had peripheral neuropathy long before the surgery.

    I guess they just forgot to tell me I would need B12 treatment for life after 22 weeks in hospital with Ileo-caecal TB followed by Crohns and endless surgeries in the early 70's and beyond !

    I understand your concerns.....

    Hope your thyroid levels are up to speed ! On the Thyroid UK forum here on HU I often read about the plantar fasciitis being linked to low thyroid..... which improves/disappears once optimally treated :-)

  • Great that you met someone supportive. I know that Martyn hooper mentioned on his blog about going to a meeting of podiatrists.


    I think the route to diagnosis for some may be through other medical professionals besides GPs eg dentists (can spot ulcers/sore tongue etc), opticians(can spot damge to optic nerve and podiatrists.

    Sorry to hear you are worn out by these battles. After many years of being ill, highly symptomatic and slowly deteriorating without a diagnosis, I chose to self treat as an absolute last resort and responded to B12. I still have serious symptoms but life is more bearable than it was. I think I have some permanent damage. I asked several times before self treating for B12 injections but was refused.

    From what I have read in Martyn Hoopers books, some people need more B12 than the standard treatment.

  • I hope you don't have permanent damage. I've just looked up and this is a helpful link for anyone with foot problems.


  • thank you x

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