Off to see the gastro tomorrow morning. The GP did not want to refer me but occy health insisted on it. Bit nervous because I do not fancy an endoscopy but it will be good to see if there is an obvious cause.

Occy health also requested 6 weekly blood tests just so they could assess if levels drop when working on delivery suite (exposure to Entonox). The GP agreed to it but then they tested my serum levels, not active levels. Today I received a call to say they were cancelling the 2nd blood test as they are refusing 6 weekly blood tests. Occy health are trying to help me and check my job is not making me ill and the GP is getting in the way. I have emailed occy health and given the whole sorry story including the fact that I am getting worse and am worried about my future and ability to practice.

I also called into the surgery today as I was referred to the haematologist on 12th Nov and 2 weeks ago I told them I had not heard anything so thy promised to chase it up and call me, but I have heard nothing from the hospital or the surgery. The receptionist checked my notes and said the surgery are waiting for some info fro the hospital then I will get some paperwork and can ring and book an appointment. Nice of them to tell me, and why are they waiting to hear from the hospital?

I am really beginning to think my surgery do not have my best interests at heart.

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  • Gastro said my vit D was good and stop taking the tablets - gp said it was very low nd I need to be on tablets for life. Gastro said my B12 levels were not low enough to produce symptoms - gp said they were in my boots and I must have been ill for years. Gastro said I could have crohns but unlikely and he didn't want to do colonoscopy so I suggested calprotectin stool test which he agreed to. I feel like they think I am a hypochondriac. Beginning to feel it will be a waste seeing the haematologist as I will be fobbed off again. Really confused, angry and upset.

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