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I have been for a very long chat with my academic tutor today. I gave her the letter for lecturers from the PAS website and she was pleased to have it. She is concerned about my chronic fatigue and my concentration. She said I need reasonable adjustments in uni and in practice so is getting in touch with occupational health again so they can order the reasonable adjustments. She has said she will visit me while I am out in practice just as a form of support. I have explained the problems I am getting treatment and how my symptoms are going to be a long term issue as I am not getting the right treatment. I have to say I do feel supported by her and I am lucky to have understanding lecturers. Bit strange that I am needing support in order to provide support to women at work.

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  • Do they not have anybody in occ. health that can prescribe you your B12 supplementation with the frequency you need.

  • no but as occy health have already insisted my gp refer me to a gastroenterologist when she does not want to, maybe when I see them again they may be able to inform my GP that I need more injections - here's hoping.

  • I am glad you have someone understanding. This in itself is a help.

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