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Needles and Syringes?


Which needle and syringes do people use for the purpose of self injecting Methycobalamin intramuscularly?

I have previously used a Terumo 5ml syringe and needle from Medisave which seemed to work fine for injecting Cyanocobalamin and Hydroxycobalamin but I am going to need a smaller syringe I think to draw up 0.5ml of Meth. Would this one suffice?

Any thoughts or comments welcome, thank you.


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You need a one or two ml syringe. Sorry had to laugh- meth.

I actually do feel like a junkie and actually think we get a harder time than people who ask for hard drugs from their GP.


Hahaha! You are so right, when I told my GP that I have been self injecting Cyanocobalamin she nearly fell off her NHS office chair. :-)


Those needles are almost certainly too short for intramuscular injections. You would have to be very skinny for them to work. I use



Hi Engels,

That's what I needed to know, thank you so much.


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