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Problem absorbing/ storing b12


Hi, does any one have any idea why I might not be absorbing/ storing b12, i recently decided to try IM Methyl instead of SC, it did seem to work better ( only done it once so early days) I'm sure the SC I gave myself this morning was lost through my urine.

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Hi Jcwg,

I assume that you were on cyanocolabolamine? I don't absorb/assimilate cyanocolabolamine either. Someone on this site recommended that i read about MTHFR Which explain why the liver doesn't transform cyano into holotranscolabolamine ( the active b12 that your body needs) Try methylcolabolamine to see if your levels rise...keep us in touch !

Jcwg in reply to prouisab

Hi it's methylcobalamin I've recently been injecting, I seem to respond better to hydroxo cobalamin off my own dr but can't get it often enough.

engels in reply to Jcwg

If you respond better to hydroxo why don't you just buy that instead of methyl or am I missing the point?

pauline19 in reply to prouisab

Yes, it was me who described the MTHFR variants. Either ask for the MTHFR testing or keep asking for the methylcobalamin. If you don't get the right kind, it's useless to you. Up to 30% of people have MTHFR variants. For a modest fee ($99US) you can BUY 23andme saliva genetic test. Just look online. I know they send to the ANYWHERE. If you get it done, they can't argue. It stops a LOT of discussions. Can't pretend genetic testing is nonsense, can they? I can utilize either methyl or adeno B12. Cyanocobalamin is useless for me. It just circulates and "looks" high, but my nerve damage proves I was right.

BLVD in reply to pauline19

Same with me Pauline, reading 1207 on cyanocobalamin but felt awful, now on methylcobalamin that I got online as the NHS don't have it on their drug list. It would be interesting to have a reading whilst on methyl but my doc thinks I'm crazy and it's all in my head! Anyway I know it's working for me!

I've been trying to use the methyl aswell as I've read so much about how it can heal nerve damage.

engels in reply to Jcwg

But if it isn't working as well as the hydroxo there doesn't seem to be much point. Not everyone responds to methyl.

I'm not sure whether it will help me as it is early days, I'm sorry I thought all of us on here had joined to give each other support and advice, it's hard enough suffering with PA without having to defend yourself on here.

engels in reply to Jcwg

Nobody is asking you to defend yourself. I simply offered my opinion which you are free to ignore should you so wish.


I do not think any one meant to upset you in any way! We all just want to help. Its just that different people seem to respond better to different B12 preparations, why is not known, far to complex, could be genetics etc.

Kind regards,


It would be interesting to know why some people respond better to the different forms of cobalamin. I've heard people swear by any of the 3 main products and tell that the others are or less or little use to them.

Cyano is no good for me, I've never tried hydroxo and use methyl.

engels in reply to Poppet11

I read a paper a few years ago (which I can no longer find) which suggested it could be to do with adenosylcobalamin and how well we can convert cyano, hydroxo or methyl to adenosyl. Marre made a similar suggestion on another thread recently.

Hidden in reply to engels

Trying to find it, not sure was it this thread:

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