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B12/Thyroid/Acid Reflux

Took 14 years of feeling crap( tired, stressed, numbness in arms and legs to the point couldn't pick a cup up, mood swings, loss of hair the list goes on) to be diagnosed with B12 and rest get injection every two months. Now have problems with liver and iron (can only take baby iron) levels so low can get them up. Get blood tests all time told all ok but never given results. Told am imagining it as on injection so cant still be ill. Offered anti depressants don't need them need proper diagnosis. Any where in Aberdeen Area I can get proper help at witts end.

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Can really empathise with your situation - which echos mine in so many respects. I'm not in Aberdeen area so can't recommend anyone - try taking a look at following recent post

and Turbo's reply about St Thomas's/Guy's in London - they may have contacts. The other thing you could try is contacting the PAS - sorry can't give you telephone at the number as there seems to be a problem with the website.

Hang on in there and I really hope people start listening to you soon.


I'm in same situation. It's really frightening when you have all the symptoms and doctors don't wanna know. I've had reflux for ten years and all they have ever done is two endoscopies and continual prescriptions for pips And h2 antagonists like zantac. Now I have all the symptoms for gastritis Armenia and b12 deficiency and all I ever get told is blood test results are "satisfactory" within the normal range and so get told its all anxiety related. Now no doctor will listen to me as I'm labelled with anxiety disorder.


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