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Monday morning in New Mexico

This is an update on my recovery from the January 16th car accident after having DBS surgery last June. I encountered a return of my symptoms a few days after the accident. In February, I had the flu for over 10 days. Once I was over the flu I started exercising again at Munson Senior Center. I saw my Parkinson's specialist in early March. Dr. Jill gave me a "DBS makeover. She reprogrammed the electricity from the Impulse Generator. She also gave me a referral for PhysicL Therapy and Speech Therapy to help on swallowing.

I can report I have notice some improvement the last 2 weeks. Still a llong way from before accident but the exercise and therapy are helping in my recovery.

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Good luck my friend! We are all pulling for you!

Just when you think things cannot get worse. You get a cold...never mind a car accident


hi jon

i too hope u r on the recoevry road

lol JIll



Sounds like your fighting spirit is unscathed and in tact. That will keep you strong and focused. Keep up the good work


you're the energizer bunny! keep going no matter what! my motto too.


So sorry to hear about your accident! I love your positive attitude and your resolve to seek physical therapy and exercise. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


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