PDreams ^*^Back When


When I can’t sleep, because the night’s too dark with mystery,

Yeah...and I won’t eat, because I have a history

When I can’t do nothing else at all,

My fingers frozen, my hands a ball

Can’t move, bones are locked

My brain’s on hold, like the MVB

filled with the Fog of Inadequacy

The end of the road inviting

In that space and time,

I dream of you and that onetime me

Back when we were Teenage Free

Young, in love and having fun

When I was you and you were me

I’m not that man I used to be

Nor do I know who I’m gonna be

Ice skating in the dark

And just for a lark

Accelerating In my coat of stone

Nor am I alone!


Are you still, stuck at home?

Never mind, don't mind me

I'm just angry I guess,

My Life is mess

But I can tell you this,

and that’s

I am All That!

So, I’m a just can’t miss

Yes! I'm gonna be fine,

it may take some time

But I know, YES! I KNOW!

that by The God that I know

I’m gonna be fine!!!

13 Replies

  • Your words sound perfect to me.

  • Amazing - you speak for us all! Thank you for this. Tony

  • Thank you Tony!

  • very true and heart rending....Here is my version of Parkie:))


  • Read it! Loved it...

  • :)) ty

  • Wonderful words from the heart.

  • Thank you!

  • Love your poem!

  • I love your response, thank you!

  • Great stuff, keep 'em coming. You have the gift of putting our plight in a way that people will WANT to understand. Have you thought of publishing?

  • You are too kind! TY...

  • Me? Never!!!

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