Is any one on Rotigotine ?

Hi I would like to here from any one who is on Rotigotine patches. I have been on two 8mg patches for about two years and I am having more off time times than on. Keep going to sleep only for a very short time and can't sleep at night . I also have a DBS which is not working on one side .my doctor says its my Parkinson's not the patches .i don't agree.

PS first time I have ask a question. I could go on tell me what you think.

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  • Hi - I thought these patches were discontinued in April 2008 here is the link:


  • I have been on Rotigotine patches for approx 5 years. So far no compulsive behaviour and no hallucinations. I have had problems sleeping (mostly my own fault; staying up late on the computer) vivid dreams and bright red arms where the patches were stuck on ( when first I used them),

    I'm sorrry you have had a bad time with them, they suited me because I did not want anything else going through my stomach!

  • Mya .HI you say you put them on your arm. If i put them on my arm they don't work can you tell me if they work better any where also how many patches do you use how many mg a day .?

    thank you . yours EXPORT

  • Hi Export . My patches now go on my abdomen... sides and stomach areas.(As shown in the diagram on the accompanying instructions ??) I have been given one 8mg. patch per day at the moment. I also take co-careldopa........ 9/10 tablets of 25/100mg and Selegiliine one tablet daily.These are just my Pd meds

  • Hi Compucure

    I think you will find the patches were only discontinued in the US. Not sure whether they have been approved again for use in USA. They are certainly used in UK though I'm not on them.

    Export that is a very complex question, drug treatment and DBS. I haven't had DBS so I have no experience to offer.

  • i am on neupro patches - now up to 12mgs a day but my neuro ( here in france ) syas i can go up to 16 mgs - i personally have found that, like all the other meds i have tried - they are doing very little good - do i even havepd , i ask myself - and yes i have quieried the dx with my neuro but he says yes it is pd - very bad - and not msa or psp....

  • Hi Shasha Yes I am on 16mg TWO 8MG patches.

    Please could you tel me how much L-Dopa you take thats madopar or siminet How many mg in 24 hours . Thank you.

    Yours EXPORT.

  • hi i take 3x 125 mgms soluble 4 times a day of modopar - ie a total of 1300 mgs a day - which sounds a huge amount !!

  • p.s i was diagnosed in jan 2010 but my chap says that i must have had it a few years before this -- i now cannot walk unaided --

  • Yesterday evening I collected my patches from the Docs after a very long wait for them to come in

    I was hoping the wait would have been worth it

    I put one on last night, a 2 mgm patch, but this morning I feel wet all over and clammy with headache (flu like symptoms) and sleepy.

    Anyone else got the same effects on first using them?

  • My husband tried them, after about a week of feeling really ill with flu like symptoms I told him to stop using them, his specialised nurse told him it wouldn't have been the medication made him feel like this but when he stopped using it, he felt loads better!!

  • I have just stopped the Roprinirole which replaced the Patch which he has been on for eight years , what a difference , No sudden switching off no confusion , no bad dreams or thrashing about clearer mind . stopped calling me obsessively Etc. he does seem sleepier though but comes out of it clearer and quicker .


  • I have been prescribed 3mg patches for my walking but does not seem to be having any effect at the moment

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