zandopa's choices?

what are the options to replace sinemet with micuna pruriens without the sugar existing in Zandopa?

I discovered zandopa before DBS and I almoSt cancelled my DBS surgery (wish I had done it, because if something goes wrong surgeons have no clue about how to fix it; I got severe gait disturbances), because the blend zandopa and forced cycling were decreasing my symptoms significantly and my off time had shrunken also.

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  • There is a brand called D5. It is pretty expensive, but pretty reliable. I believe you have to get it through a naturopath or doctor.There is also one put out by Starwest Botanicals.

  • thanks a lot.


  • Hello eabud ,

    I get mine from Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury UK. It is organic. You can buy mucuna pruriens from Amazon under the brand name of Swanson or Ebay. One person I know said that Zandopa works better for her, but as you are only too aware the sweet taste is not to everyone's liking.


  • Thanks a lot Norton; one clarification: is MP's SWANSON also organic?

  • Hello eabud,

    Sorry for delay in replying. No, Swanson does not state it is organic MP.


  • You might be interested in exploring the research of Marty Hinz, who has developed a protocol for using Mucuna in conjunction with amino acids to limit side effects caused by serotonin depletion. I wish i could figure out how to attach a PDF file explaining the rationale and results. Does anyone know how to do that?

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