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Hi there everyone,

I feel moved to write of my very recent experiences in the world of PD & other health issues. Many of you will know that I have been suffering severe pain for around a month in my affected left side - especially my arm. I couldn't get comfortable except when lying down & have been 'bouncing off the walls' according to my husband. The tremors have been very pronounced, I couldn't think straight & had spells of talking gibberish (nothing new there) & also I started having frequent & longer spells of freezing. I rang my PD nurse who suggested I try the Apo-Go Challenge for freezing as this was causing me danger as well as concern. She got me an extra visit with my consultant who, after listening to me & my husband, persuaded me to try a short spell on increased Sinemet prior to the Challenge which I did.

Last Thursday I was alone at home & had to call for an ambulance as I thought I was a having a heart attack (1st one 15th June 11). The paramedics tested me & were fairly sure I wasn't but took me to A&E to get a thorough check, thank God!! Everyone was superb & after a battery of tests it was discovered that my severe left-side pain was actually angina not just PD. Now that this being treated I am on the mend & felt up to writing this - partly to share but mostly as a cautionary tale. My consultant is a gerontologist who also supervised my heart attack treatment not 2 yrs ago yet he never queried the symptoms presumably because my PD is still left side only.

If anyone finds themselves in a similar situation PLEASE flag up with your GP as soon as you can that it might NOT be PD. I'm still sleeping 5 or 6 times during the day & now also sleeping at night!! So all's well.....

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I like what you had to say. Loved your bio. You will enjoy this site.


dear angela ,

i am so concerned at your terrible treatment but also relieved that you are now dxd and ok - i must say that i had not seen you on the blogs for a while so was wondering about you ...

much love to you



So glad the heart issue has finally been identified and you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing your experience.


Glad to hear this positive report. ~~Dennis


Hi my lovely friend Sharon (& others who commented),

I haven't had terrible treatment - just flagging up that it's so easy to get into the PD rut even when your consultant treats you for more than 1 condition. It never entered my head that my symptoms were anything else because my life has become focussed around PD. So come on folks.....ideas for broadening my (our) health horizons & put PD in its place!!!!


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