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Black Jack in Vegas

We went to Las Vegas not too long ago. What a time we had.

I didn't see many Parkinsonians at the Black Jack tables. I was busy counting to twenty one and trying to stay in my chair.

Black Jack players can be very particular. you play and feel free to tell you when you've made a mistake which caused them to lose and now their family will go hungry and they will lose their home. All because you didn't hit a sixteen hand.

They watched me tremor all over while I doubled down. I heard them say in a low voice, "Boy she is really nervous.", I tried to pick up my chips. They begin to whisper again.

"You shouldn't play if it makes you that nervous," one wise player told me.

"Yes. And would you stop swinging your leg it distracts me."

I kept playing and avoiding a response. The lady with drinks asked me what i would like. I asked for a white wine and a straw..

That really made heads turn my way. One of the younger players had to laugh. I am sure she was thinking she really hadn't hear that.. Whispering once again.

When my wine came it was filled to the brim. I requested that the lady place the glass on the table for me. Heads turned once again as I ripped open my straw and sipped my wine.

" It tastes better this way," I said and I looked down to see i had hit a Black Jack.

My chips were piled high and I couldn't put the new chips on the top. Every time I tried to stack the chips they fell all over the table. I asked the dealer to help me.

"Do you think it is cold in here?" the dealer asked me, "Or are you just nervous?"

I have Parkinson's Disease I told him. Two of the players ;quickly got up and left the table.

:"It isn't catchy," I said but they were long gone.

People don't like to be slowed down a the table they want the dealer to keep those cards coming. So when I put money in my purse or took money out, I didn't take the time to put it nicely away in my billfold. I just tossed it into the purse and got back to business

I moved to another table and sat down and began to take my cards. Suddenly there was a tap on my shoulder. Evidently the people upstairs who are watching everyone play so they don't cheat were watching me and thinking I was a bit on the loony side .. I turned around and there were five men in dark suits with radios in their ears. IT could have been worse.. They could have had white jackets on.Everyone stopped playing. The dealers stopped dealing and all eyes were on me. Then one of the men asked me if I could see the chair at the other table? I said yes. He asked me if that money was mine.. I had just stuffed it into my purse and it fell out when I changed tables.But did they need five big guys to surround me when they asked me if the money was mine?

I didn't know what to do as .hundreds of people watched me get the money off the chair. So I waved at everyone and blew kisses to the eye in the thank the little men up stairs.

So my dear fellow Parkinsonians. be very careful at the Black Jack tables in Vegas.

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Wow what a story you should get it published in Parkinson's magazine or equivalent in U.S.. You write well thanks for sharing my niece has just recently been to Las Vegas on her last part of travelling the globe she like myself (now retired) is a nurse and will be interested in your story thanks will post it on to her xx


That's a great and funny story. Thanks. I too feel like there's no one else with Parkinsons except in the neouro's office. Glad you recovered your dough!


One thing I noticed in Vegas is that tremors are great for slot tournys. My shaking fingers can really hit the button fast. Lost, but I did it with style.


your style represents us well.


Just red your blog and enjoyed it very much!


Thanks for the giggle! Loved your story, but, at the time, it must have been awful. You handled it very well! Congrats!


So glad to see that you could handles this with humor.


What a story! Do you plan to go back?




Going back to L V??

A good story

Lol jill



Yes. It is funny to me and makes for a great story>


Good one! This would make a great episode for MJF's new sit com about a dad with PD. I have fun too. Yesterday I was sitting in a crowded next to a handsome fellow that I was trying to make an impression. It took me half an hour to go from Jekyll to Hyde as my meds took a long time to kick in. I went from shuffling and having to stretch first one leg then the other, groaning, to kicking madly, doing the one left cancan! My meds kicked in, I explained. He said, can I try some of that? haha


crowded MEETING :D


the one LEG cancan ! It is my left leg.


I lived in Las Vegas for 8 years. I was diagnosed with PD when I first moved to Vegas in 2003. I have heard about PWP escorted out of casinos. I have a card from APDA stating I am not drunk but have PD. I never had any problems except I dosed off at a Sports betting casino. Security told me I had to stay awake.


I live in Las Vegas and I hang out at casino. The casino is the best place to be. If I was to have a problem with my health they not only will give you the help needed, they video the entire incident. All this for no charge. I love Vegas.


You go girl!!.. Made my


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